Dreamcatcher Inspiration.

DSC_0841You might remember this project I did a few months back. I had a bunch of yarn leftover and got inspired to make a dreamcatcher type of replica for a friend this weekend.

DSC_0836(You’ll need: a hot glue gun, leather strips, different colors of yarn, feathers [optional] and an embroidery hoop)

DSC_0837(Step 1: Use the hot glue to wrap and affix the leather around the embroidery hoop)


DSC_0839(Step 2: Wrap the yarn around the hoop in individual strings. I experimented with strings inside of the hoop as well)

DSC_0841(After some trimming and the addition of feathers, it was complete!)

DSC_0843(It’s a great addition to any bare wall!)

Glitterbug Gold.

{{ Cheerleader }}
It’s no secret that I’m a huge Wombats fan.  It all started way back when they first released their first songs and I was living in London.  I would put their tunes on with my head phones and wander in new directions.  I feel like I grew with them along the way and always feel grateful for their contribution to my adventuring self.  Not to mention, their sound is pure perfection.  Every time they come to SF, I make sure to snag some tickets to their show before they sell out because the show never disappoints.  This time around they sold out the iconic Fillmore venue for the first time and brought two other kick ass bands with them, Cheerleader and Life in Film.  I have to be honest, I’d never heard of the openers but love hearing new music.  Both bands were great and made a great combo of music for the night.

{{ Cheerleader }}

{{ Cheerleader – my favorite song of theirs is The Sunshine of Your Youth but all songs were easy to listen to. }}

{{ Life in Film }}

Next up was Life in Film, a British band with a beautiful and fun upbeat sound.  They sound a little bit like Young the Giant with the deeper voice and bouncing beats.  I really like the song “Alleyway” but found their entire set to be enjoyable.

{{ Life in Film }}

{{ Life in Film }}

  Both openers were great bands that I now have on my playlists and would love to see again.

Taking photos of bands at indoor venues is actually extremely hard.  The light is dark and the bands usually move around a lot making it hard to capture the right moments.

{{ The Wombats }}

Then came the Wombats.  Le sigh.  They have just released their new album Glitterbug and this is the first tour where they are playing the majority of their set with these new tunes.  They did a sample show a while back where they tested a few songs at the Rickshaw before the songs were released and it just made me so excited for this tour.  Glitterbug is pure gold.  They came out and opened with Your Body is a Weapon, the first single off of Glitterbug.  Then followed with an older tune, Jump Into the Fog, probably because they know how to please us San Franciscans :).

They wove in and out of the new and old albums.

Tord brings so much energy, it’s amazing he can provide some vocals as well as play bass.

Murph rips the guitar and writes some really interesting lyrics.

IMG_3626Glitterbug seems to be about a relationship that has gone sour but I can’t help but wonder if the album is really even about a relationship or if it’s a witty play on words.

In the past, the Wombats have been compared to the sound of the Cure but this new album really shows their unique sound that is hard to fit into one specific genre.  It’s catchy, smart, witty, and less aggressive but still edgy.

They have a way of pulling the crowd in without even trying.

IMG_3801They closed out the night with songs including Give Me a Try and Let’s Dance to the Joy Division.  The whole house was bumping and bouncing and since they sold out the Fillmore we were sent home with custom Wombats posters from the Fillmore.  It’s a tour that’s just getting started and I highly recommend it.  I may be biased but it’s definitely worth the ticket so go check ’em out!

NOPA: Brunch Hot Spot

DSC_0803So there’s this thing called brunch and people in San Francisco love it. My favorite spot is Nopa because they have a short menu with unique items. You can’t go wrong with any of their bites or cocktails. Here’s some tips on how to make sure you get in and what to not miss!

DSC_0793(Get there about 30 minutes before the doors open, there will be a long line but it will be much shorter than if you didn’t get there early)

DSC_0815(Don’t miss the morning drinks- they are the only ones I will drink before 5PM. The Ramos Fizz is my favorite)

DSC_0829(Balance out your cocktails with Blue Bottle french press, you can split a half or full press)

DSC_0826(The mural is an homage to the city painted by the oh-so-talented Brian Barneclo.)

DSC_0809(This weekend’s menu)

DSC_0831(I had the artichoke quiche)

DSC_0832(Nick’s mom grabbed the soft eggs)

DSC_0806Nopa is a spot you don’t want to miss! It’s worth the wait in line and I don’t say that about many places!

Britt’s Picks – Road Trip Travel Essentials.

IMG_3978 I love a good road trip.  I love seeing roads I’ve never seen before and observing different landscapes as you pass through.  This past weekend, we headed up to Valley Springs for a family get together and to head to a fund raiser involving large rescue entertainment animals (post coming soon!).  While I was packing, I realized I’ve gotten quite good at throwing a weekend bag together for a road trip so I wanted to share my list of essentials in case you need one in a pinch.

Packing List:

Mexican-blanket I purchased a blanket while I was in Cabo that I bring everywhere with me.  It’s the best versatile blanket.  I’ve used it to sit on, wrap around me at a bonfire, and even to cover things up in my car if I need to run into a store.

Contigo-AUTOSEAL-Cortland-Family Re-fillable water bottle.  Whenever I stop, I re-fill from the water spout on the fountain soda machine.

universal-mini-usb-plug-in-car-charger-black-d Universal USB phone charger for the car.  I found one of these at Walgreen’s and it’s been a lifesaver for when my phone battery runs low from using directions on my phone on a long road trip.  Which also brings the good point, don’t forget your charger(s)!

inflatable-pillow-red_1 Inflatable travel pillow if you have room.  It saves your neck if you are napping while not driving.

IMG_3920 I’m a fan of layers as well.  I prefer having a layer for any type of weather and mix and matching throughout my trip.

Other forget-me-nots: travel hairbrush, a few hair ties, mini dry shampoo bottle, some thick socks, a good pair of leggings, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, good playlist (my latest favorite album is Glitterbug by the Wombats), camera, and some snacks.

Some of the best parts of a road trip are just enjoying the journey so don’t forget to pull over every now and then and enjoy your favorite new and/or old places :)

{{ Photos by: Roberto Jimenez }}

Medlock Ames.

DSC_0790Living in Northern California means that we are just an hour away from all kinds of amazing wineries. Napa, Sonoma, Healdsburg, they all have beautiful places to spend the day. I recently visited Medlock Ames in Healdsburg with a group of friends. The wine was great but the modern decor really caught my eye!

DSC_0773(They put together a beautiful table with our reservation)

DSC_0775(Showcasing their wine bottles was a nice tough. The rose really popped)

DSC_0777(This light fixture hung above the small booth that they had inside)

DSC_0780(Lastly, I love the edison bulbs. I know they are a bit overused now but the piping made it feel very unique)

I thought this winery was warm and had a laid back style. This is a gem that is waiting to be discovered.

The Mourning After: Mindy.

It’s been one day since we heard the terrible news that The Mindy Project had been cancelled. This means that our adorable girl next door, Mindy Lahiri, will no longer be a Tuesday night obsession. But Mindy Kaling is so much more than a TV actress, she is the every woman. She is smart, funny, confident, and has all of the qualities I look for in my real life friends.

mp-6(A real friend covers your a** like a true bad B)

First off, I’d like to say to the Fox network:

tumblr_nc4pioV8x91tfbtrwo1_400 (How DARE you. Do you know how hard the last 24 hours have been on me? My sweet Kelly Kapoor finally got the spotlight she so deserved, and then you pull this? Oh, hell no. Enough of you, back to Mindy.)

anigif_enhanced-18758-1411541184-8(Another reason she is awesome? She says the things that we are all thinking. Mindy lacks a filter and is basically fearless, like a bobcat.)

Zooey-Deschanel-Mindy-Kaling-Elle-Magazine-TV-Party copy(Hey Mindy, do you remember when you, me, and Zooey were at that fancy dinner and I wore that pseudo crop top dress thing? You don’t? Yeah, that’s cuz it never happened! But should it? Maybe? Yes.)

I could go on and on about how fun and great Mindy is and how I want her to officiate my wedding, blah blah blah. But I think I’ll leave you with a great quote from you-know-who: “Write your own part. It is the only way I’ve gotten anywhere. It is much harder work, but sometimes you have to take destiny into your own hands.”  Doesn’t that make you want to go out and launch a start-up or something?

635542163164233759995149371_inspired(Well, yeah, you wrote it)

I have no doubt that we will be seeing her on our television screens soon enough *cough* Hulu *cough*. But until then, it’s The Mindy Project and Office reruns and pre-ordering Why Not Me?

Britt’s Picks.


The past few weeks have been full of on the go fun and I am always looking for new fun ideas or tasty places to try .  I thought I would share some of mine from the past few weeks.  Here are some of my picks of the week!

Favorite SOMA green juice from D’Urso Italian Cafe.  I get the mega green and add ginger.

In the market for a new fun indoor rug.  Found some awesome prints in Sonoma on the square.

I know I talk about them a lot but I love Snowbird Coffee because they have almond milk options.  My favorite is an almond milk latte.

All the cute dogs (including Max, my friend Nick’s dog) coming out to play in the nice weather.

Far and Ride’s featured horse trip of the month.  Top of my bucket list now :)

Nasty Gal’s two piece features this week including this amazing one. LOVE!

Oh and just for good measure, here’s a link that will make you laugh.  ENJOY! :)

Thoughtful Fashion: Men’s Feature

DSC_0781We love it when we can feature a guy on our blog and it’s only happened a handful of times in the past. This weekend, I went wine tasting with a group of friends who are all super fashionable! Brandon’s outfit caught my eye as it was curated in such a way that each piece really popped. I love it when people can put together a casual outfit with a lot of character.

DSC_0786(Hat: Goorin Bros)

DSC_0787(Watch: Nixon)

DSC_0788(Shoes: Nike)

DSC_0789(Sunglasses: Sabre)


From the rolled up pants to the wide brimmed hat, Brandon put together a great look that can be recreated in many different ways! Finding good quality pieces that you love is the key!

What to Expect from a Trip to Alcatraz.


It’s very surprising that being from the bay area, I had never been to Alcatraz until this past weekend.  I knew I’d eventually make it there but didn’t feel a sense of urgency since it’s just right there in the bay and I see it from a distance all the time.  My mom and stepdad had never been either so we planned a trip with Rob, who had been but many years ago, for this past Saturday.  It was interesting and beautiful even though so many dark things have happened on this little island.

Included in your ticket price is your ferry ride over to the island from Pier 33 and also the audio tour of the prison.

The ferry offers beautiful sweeping views of the city.

Once you arrive, you are greeted by a park ranger who explains all the details of where you need to go and what times to be able to return to SF.  They will also point you in the right direction of where to pick up your audio tours from to get started around the property.

The watch tower on the island.

Walking up to the prison, you pass a lot of buildings that are falling apart but were instrumental in running Alcatraz.

The audio tours are definitely the way to go.  They are so well organized and dictate the history at a good pace.  Here’s Rob in the Library room.

Pretending to be locked up :)

Views from the tiny hallway prison windows.  It must be so eerie to see the lively city as you are confined to the concrete walls.

There were three escapees who are still unaccounted for to this day.  They stowed away the steel silverware from the dining hall and slowly chipped away at the concrete walls.  Slowly but surely, they dug holes in the wall and were able to climb up and out of the prison.

The dining hall.

The outdoor yard where the men could come for 2.5 hours on Sat/Sun as long as they had been behaving well.

Remnants of the warden’s housing.  A small community lived on Alcatraz to be able to maintain the prison.

A garden now grows inside the structure of the Warden’s home.

The tour is so intense and interesting that after we were done, I had to play around a little bit :)

Sweeping views.

Rob snapping some photos.

Teaching my mom how to take a selfie with the city in the back.  The island is very windy mind you, so make sure to bring a jacket!

Then we headed to my favorite area, the warden’s gardens.

The flowers were beautiful.






Overall, I’d say the most interesting story from Alcatraz was about the battle that happened there between prisoners and guards.  It’s a tragic story for those who lost their lives but interesting to know the story and see exactly how and where the battle happened.  To loop back, the top things to expect when you go to Alcatraz include windy weather, unexpected beautiful grounds, and a lot of Alcatraz history that happened in a short amount of time.

Have you been to Alcatraz?  Tell us some of your favorite things about it!

Summer is Coming.

DSC_0766In San Francisco summer doesn’t mean beach bodies, pina coladas, and sun kissed skin. It’s the time of year that you need to gather your coats because Karl the Fog is coming! If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you know the saying “winter is coming” can instill immediate fear for any of the characters. That’s how we San Franciscans feel about summer.

Here’s a guide to making through these next few months.

DSC_0767(Be sure to exercise during these months because September is when we visit the beach)

DSC_0770(Wear a bright jacket so that drivers can see you through the fog)

DSC_0771(Embrace your wind blown hair, it’s just not worth trying to fight it)

We love San Francisco and know it is the most amazing city in the states so we aren’t complaining. But come on, Karl! Can you give us a little break?