Floral Friday.

{{ Sunglasses: Nordstrom BP, Top: Limited, Shorts: Bloomingdales Outlet, clutch: Kate Spade Outlet }}

I love colors so it’s no surprise I gravitate towards floral patterns.  I’d been looking for some fun shorts that I could wear for all different occasions and luckily for me, pretty much every store has some variety of them it’s just more about finding the style that fits you best.

I love adding the sparkle to the floral print.

I love these mirrored glasses.

California summer is pretty much here :)

(All photos by: Roberto Jimenez)

Cycle Touring.

I’ve always wanted to ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, so when I realized a handful of my other friends had the same desire we pulled a group together and rented some bikes for a self guided tour of the North Bay.  We rented our bikes from Sports Basement in the Presidio since it’s the closest to the bridge.  You can also rent at Pier 39 if you’d like.

Of course we stopped to take a few photos :)  This is the full biker gang.

Girls of the biker gang.

After riding over the bridge, we made our first stop in Sausalito at Bar Bocce for some snacks and an ice cold beer.

Camping out on the water.

Sheena at Bar Bocce!

We made it to stop number 1!

After some rest and snacks, we hopped back on the bikes to head to Tiburon.

The bike paths are beautiful in the north bay!

Just riding through.

We cruised around Tiburon for a while before catching the very windy Ferry back to the city (Pier 39).

The sun was starting to set as we took the ferry back to the city and it was gorgeous.

Riding bikes through the pier was fun to check out the performances.  This guy and all of his sound inventions were awesome!

Riding along the bike path back to Sports Basement was beautiful.  We rented the bikes for the day so we just needed to make sure we returned them before they closed.

The total loop was about 17-20 miles.  There were some little hills and that not so little hill up to get on the bridge but every hill rewarded us with a spectacular view of some kind.

We felt pretty accomplished after our ride so we stopped for a sunset jumping photo :).

This is a great, active and outdoorsy thing to do on a perfect weather day in San Francisco!

Greylin Darling.


I recently went to the Livermore Outlets for the first time with my mom in search of a few new pieces to lift my closet so I could purge some of the old.  In my quest to find a perfect fit for a few weddings I will be attending coming up, I found this perfect dress from Greylin.  It’s comfortable, cute, and formal enough to wear to nice evening events.

It has a cute high V back cut.


Sequins everywhere.


I paired it with this black sequined clutch that was a Kate Spade score in the clearance section.


I love my find!  You can also find it http://www.revolveclothing.com/greylin-gayle-sequin-dress-in-black-white/dp/GYLI-WD74/ online :)

All photos by: Roberto Jimenez.

Zucchini Ribbon Pesto.

DSC_0762Interested in carb free pasta? Simple, just use zucchini! This is one of my favorite dishes because it is quick and fresh, it is also filling.

DSC_0738(Wash 5-6 zucchini’s which will make enough for about 4 people)

DSC_0740(Start peeling all of the zucchini with a mandolin or a basic vegetable peeler)

DSC_0745(You’ll fill a bowl pretty quickly)

DSC_0753(Add 2 teaspoons of olive oil or flavored olive oil to a large pot over low-medium heat)

DSC_0756(Add the zucchini to the pot)

DSC_0758(Mix up the zucchini- it will cook down fairly quickly)

DSC_0760(Add pesto to the mixture and cook for a few minutes longer until all warmed)

DSC_0761(If you want to add something extra, you can add in cooked chicken or in this case we used Trader Joe’s mushroom ravioli’s)

DSC_0763(Voila, you have a delicious dish)

All in all, this takes about 15 minutes to cook making it a great meal after a long day at work!

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

In case you didn’t know, Chelsea and I are MAJOR Florence and the Machine fans.  I mean major.  We have followed her musical career and tours for years.  When we heard about two last minute pop up shows happening in San Francisco, we were waiting by our computers and counting down the minutes until they went on sale so we could make sure we were there on opening night at the Masonic (literally, I watched the clock countdown).  When Florence was announced to play Coachella this year, we knew a new album was on the brink and we were overjoyed.  So with further adieu, here’s our review of her first show on her new album tour (Weds April 8th, 2015)!

We gathered all our other ride or dies for Flo’ (Tim and Lindsay), and headed to the Masonic early.  With no opener and the show said to start @ 8pm sharp, we were not messin’ around.

This was actually my first time at the Masonic and it was perfectly cozy with the floor open for standing and the balcony with seats.

We got some great row 2 seats close to the side of the stage.  Tim and Lindsay were on the floor.

Flo came out around 8:30p in this awesome velour suit and we were a bit puzzled at this point because she usually wears elaborate gowns but we weren’t going to judge, she can do no wrong.  She opened with a powerful What the Water Gave Me and commanded the stage and the audience as hers.

She started calm at the mic and then ramped up by running and dancing on each side of the stage and grabbing people’s hands and singing straight to fans in the first few rows.

She quickly shed her jacket to reveal this beautifully large bell flow sleeved white see through blouse which she elegantly swung around with her tunes.  She went back and forth between old and new songs.  With every new song, she explained where the song came from and the meaning behind them which I loved.

Her energy all night was high and she absolutely killed it.  When she played Dog Days, she had the entire audience shed some clothes and embrace each other.  She even ended up with a bra onstage.  She also took everyone’s gifts that they brought for her and read them, shared them with the audience and personally thanked everyone for the gift.

If you want to get up close and personal with Florence, get in the front row at one of her shows and she will connect with you.

Her voice sounds better in person every time.  She played How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, St. Jude, What Kind of Man, Ship to Wreck, and a few others from the new album along with classics like No Light, No Light and Shake It Out.

I had chills throughout the entire night her show was so magnificent and I knew ahead of time how great she was.  She’s a timeless act that’s only progressed and improved.  If you want to catch a show of a lifetime from a beautifully voiced soul, get to a Florence and Machine show!

Stinson Beach.


OK so our beaches in Northern California might not always be bikini temperature but after our hike through Muir Woods, we were excited to get down to the ocean and chill out a little bit.  Not to mention, the good snacks they have right on the beach.  Sheena got the brown sugar banana ice cream, Arel tried to soft serve, Rob grabbed a coffee, and I went for a hot latte.  They have something for everyone!

I am so elated to have Sheena back!


She’s so light I was running all over the beach with her haha!


We had a thing for piggy back photos I guess!

Views and views and views.


What would a trip to Stinson be without stopping along the infamous Hwy 1 for some fun jumping photos? :)

Garlic Broccoli.

DSC_0702I love broccoli and it’s fun to cook all kinds of different ways. Sautee, boil, barbeque, fry, air dry, whatever. But if you’re not a super fan like me there is always one way to add flavor and that is GARLIC!

DSC_0677(Begin by sautéing 5 cloves of garlic in some olive oil)

DSC_0681(Add a few bunches of chopped broccoli over medium heat)

 DSC_0685(Squeeze one lemon over the mixture)

DSC_0686(Add some red pepper flakes if you like a little heat)

DSC_0689(Splash a little balsamic)

DSC_0690(A teaspoon more of olive oil and cook until you are at the consistency of your liking)

This is a great side dish for pretty much any meal. It adds a lot of texture and flavor to a basic dish!

A Day in the North Bay.


My good friend, Sheena, and her friend, Arel, have just moved to San Francisco from Barbados.  I’ve been so excited for this day and it’s been fun exploring the bay area with them.  There are so many amazing places to visit and it was such a treat to get to take them to Muir Woods the other weekend!

Sheena behind the redwoods :)

The trail has these fun little bridges to cross over water streams when there is a large water flow.

Look at these cute Bajan babes!

Rob came along, too :)

Beautiful trails.


They are adorable!

Sheena and I being yogi’s at the top of the trail near Panoramic Highway.


Views for miles.

You can access the Muir Woods trails from many different access points.  We started from Panormaic Highway on the ridge and hiked down before hiking back up and out.  If you park at the bottom and end up at the National Monument for the Redwood trees, there is a fee but if you are just going for the hike, make sure to look up access points before you go.  It’s a great hike!

All photos by Arel!

A Taste of the Sunset.

Over the weekend, I made it my mission to just hang around the city and relax.  I love being on the go and don’t usually rest as much as I should so I did a mini taste tour around the sunset district in San Francisco and thought I’d share my good finds.  I’ve pretty much quit coffee, I now drink tea so not a caffeine purge, but when this adorable Snowbird Coffee shop opened up I couldn’t wait to try it.

It’s such a quaint, cute spot with hand poured coffees.

Not to mention, cute little accents.

There’s also a awesome recycling program they have in the back of their store.  You can bring your old bottle of shampoos/soaps/etc and they will refill it for a much lower price than if you bought in store.  Love this concept and I can’t wait to go snag some re-fills!

I went for the almond milk latte and enjoyed it immensely.

If you are a beer fan, the other notable stop in the sunset district is the new Sunset Reservoir Brewery.  We tried some appetizers and the beer sampler.  They have a dinner menu that I’m sure is pretty good but it seems like a better place for some beers and snacks.

It’s a really great space with lots of great features.  We were sitting up on a balcony but there is plenty of space throughout the brewery.

My favorite of the 5 samples was the Double IPA if you are an IPA fan.

There you have it, two new spots for great sips in the sunset district of San Francisco!  What are some of your favorite spots?

Crisp White Jeans.

DSC_0595My favorite essential for Spring is the white jean. It goes great with everything and feels so fresh. It is still fairly crisp in the city and I am not ready to bring out my short sleeved tops yet so I decided to pair these jeans with a light sweater.

DSC_0592(J. Crew cashmere sweater, seen here)

DSC_0603(Belt- Urban Outfitters)

DSC_0605(Shoes- Urban Outfitters)

DSC_0593This is a simple look that feels classic. I do love basics and know they don’t always have to feel stuffy or boring. I also like tucking the fronts of my sweater in to show a bit of my belt- I think it adds a little character to an outfit.