Magenta Midi.


I’ve grown quite fond of the 50′s mixed with new age style skirts that have started to make an appearance in the fashion world.  They are classic, stylish, and a nice way to change up your wardrobe.  I recently spent some time at Banana Republic trying to update my work wear and this was one of my new finds.  Of course I ended up with slacks and blouses as well but this skirt was an additional great find.  They are having a huge sale right now so if you are looking for some new work wear, I’d suggest hitting up Banana.

I paired the skirt with a low backed, short sleeved body suit.  For colder weather, I will add a cardigan to complete the 50′s spin.

Throw on some simple black sandals/heels and call it a day!

Horse Hugs.


After returning from my trip, I was excited to be reunited with Maz (the horse I ride at home).  I was really inspired by my trip and I couldn’t wait to get back in the saddle or shall I say no saddle!  I can’t tell if he even noticed I was gone or had been horse cheating on him but it was nice to get out to the barn again.  Horse hugs are the best kind of hugs!

Neon Trim.

IMG_1360My friends in the retail fashion world sent me off in style before I left my last job.  They sent me off with a bunch of nice cover ups to wear at my new job and this one I love especially.  I’m a very simple person but do love to add color when I can.  This little pop of neon is a nice way to add some variety to my everyday jeans and tank.


IMG_1368This is a perfect light jacket for warm work days.

Images from In the Saddle.


I hear from so many friends and family that they would love to know what it is like to be in the saddle but are a tad too timid to try.  For those that ever want to know what it feels like, it’s pure freedom.  It’s the only sport where human and animal work so closely together.  It’s amazing the power the animals have yet don’t choose to abuse it.  In Bosnia, we rode in a different direction each day and each direction was full of different views.  Here are a few photos from in the saddle :)

DCIM101GOPROFall was in full swing.  I love the changing of seasons and I loved hearing the leaves crunch under the horses feet.

In some deeper water.

Above the clouds.

The first frosty morning before the snow came!

Sunset rides.

Riding through a creek.

Riding by ruins.

Snow <3

Everything was perfectly dusted.

This is one of my favorites.

I have sooo many images to share and I love to look back at them.  I’ll try to swap some fashion posts in between but there are many more horse photos to come!

Brittany in Bosnia.


I’ve just returned from the most incredible horse adventure in Bosnia.

IMG_1652Thanks to my wonderful friends Brian and Hanne (Hanne in the above photo) for telling me about these riding holidays you can experience all over the world, I was able to see what one was like for myself.  It was an added bonus that Hanne was available to join in Bosnia as well, I can’t imagine the trip without her!  There is an agency called Far and Ride that connected Hanne and I to this most amazing farm in Kupres.  The Kupres Farm was full of amazing people and they led us on a new adventure every day.  I thought I’d do an intro to the farm post since they made the experience so great.


First there is Fred!  He’s the farm dog and amazingly smart.  He came along on every ride with us, running alongside for hours on end.

IMG_1509Big Marko and little Marko, both excellent horsemen and trail leaders.

IMG_1568Here’s Petra and her favorite horse, Nur.  She was very helpful around the farm and was a great trail leader as well.

IMG_1717Following Slaven through the snow covered forrest!

Mate!  Owner and such a fun loving rider.  Had so much fun racing him and riding through the snow.

There are a few more people from Kupres farm that I don’t have photos of but the farm was filled with excellent people who took great care of us.  I’m so appreciative to them and Far and Ride for matching Hanne and I with Kupres Farm for our riding holiday.  They cooked hot lunch and dinner for us everyday and always made sure to check that we were satisfied with our experience.  We also got incredibly lucky with the weather.  The first half of the week was beautiful and sunny. The second half of the week, a storm rolled in and we were riding in the snow!  I couldn’t have asked for more.  Each day, we rode somewhere new with no fences to hold us back.  We rode through historical places and climbed mountains.  I have so many photos to share, can’t wait to get them all up.  I figured this is a good start :).

Wild Horses.


I’ve just returned from the most magical trip to Bosnia.  It was a dream come true to be able to get to spend an entire week surrounded by horses.  I was on a week long riding holiday in Bosnia at Kupres farm which I can’t wait to share all of the details and photos in the coming days.  One afternoon during our stay our host, Mate, offered to take us out to find some herds of wild horses and of course we were ecstatic to go.  We drove far out into the plains to find them where they were living as free and happy as can be.  This was one of the most memorable moments for me because seeing these horses surviving on their own in the wild just showed me their strength and independence.

One of the stallions making sure no other stallions got close to his horses.  He was gorgeous.

So many of them just grazing.

They had no interest in us but they had no fear of us either.


They had all the land in the world to call home.



When we left, we even saw an eagle or a falcon.  It was hard to tell but both resided in the area.

I hope I get to observe wild horses again, it was peaceful and inspiring.

Retro Plaid.

DSC_0165I wore this outfit for the first time in class a couple of weeks ago and a classmate of mine couldn’t quite put her finger on what era it was from. Well, it’s definitely from Nordstrom Rack but has a little hippy flair to it, don’t you think?

DSC_0158(Nobody on this planet loves a turtleneck the way I do. This super soft and cozy one is Forever 21)

DSC_0163(Skirt- Mink Pink)

DSC_0195(These shoes look awesome on but are the most uncomfortable things on the planet; I think the heel is too thin. I tell you this because I love you. But, if you insist they are by Leuven Alexander)

DSC_0180I guess the point is, if you want to wear a turtleneck with a skirt- do it. Embrace elegant juxtaposition.

Leopard Sunshine.

DSC_0115Oversized sweaters are my new jam. I love the way that I can curl up into them and pretty much every size fits because they’re supposed to not really fit, you know?

DSC_0126(Bedazzled bra- Victoria’s Secret, Ring- Madewell, Sweater- Free People)

DSC_0141(Skirt- Forever 21)

DSC_0133(Boots- Anthropologie)


Yes, this sweater looks like a lot of fun and that’s because it is! Do you have any oversized sweaters you would like to share?

Purple on Purple.

DSC_0073If you’re looking to stop traffic this afternoon, you should definitely wear purple. Purple looks great on every skin tone and and makes every outfit stand out just a bit more. So, if you’re feeling a little dull- boost your spirit with a shade of purple!

DSC_0075(Top- Forever 21, Pencil skirt- J. Crew, Heels- H&M)

DSC_0099(Chain link ring- Julia Szendrei  Daily San Franciscan)

DSC_0092(Earrings- Kate Spade)


A pop of bold color makes me feel like my outfit is complete. I love adding accessories to round out my look and add a little flash, these basic earrings and chain link ring are the perfect addition to the outfit.

Hang Me Out To Dry.

DSC_0219I am not sure why but every time I am going to a friend’s house to hang, I always have the toughest time choosing what to wear. I want to be comfortable but look fashionable at the same time; it’s a real struggle. My friend, Liv, gave me this basic top that has layers of sheer, it’s ultra-soft but has a great bohemian look- the answer to all of my casual wear problems.

DSC_0246(Top- Pins and Needles, Belt- Urban Outfitters, Chords- J. Crew, Lipstick- Sephora)



DSC_0263(Shoes- Banana Republic)

It feels good to be comfy and adding a Bastille record to the mix doesn’t hurt either.

*Shout out to Miles the DJ for my first vinyl!