5 Favorite Non-Fiction Reads

Welp with the Coronavirus Quarantine taking over, I’ve been lucky to be able to prioritize reading. I know this a luxury not everyone will have and I am especially appreciative to all the essential workers who are fueling our communities right now. Anyone unable to be home right now, I think of constantly and am so grateful for their blood, sweat, and tears. Reading has been a good escape from TV (although I’m real into that right now, too) and especially the news/social media. I just love, love, love non-fiction as you will see so this list are the top handful that I highly recommend right now if you also enjoy non-fiction! You’ve probably already even read a few, I was a little bit behind on some of them but wowza. Check ’em out below and leave any suggestions in the comments!

1. Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

Bad Blood book

Wowwww, maybe this was extremely interesting to me because I work in tech where vision selling is a norm or that I live in the Bay Area where the tech scene is unavoidable but this blew my mind. How Elizabeth Holmes could convince so many people that what she was saying was the truth and not only that, bull dozed her way through funding and powerful connections was just riveting to me. I’m also SO glad she was caught and that she has now been exposed. I’m looking forward to following her trial once it hits the courtroom.

2. Educated by Tara Westover


I read this on a vacation, back when we were able to travel and before we’d ever even heard the words Coronavirus. I read it super quickly and what I thought was so intriguing about it was the pure bizarre lifestyle Tara’s parents pushed in their children. They obviously did not think this way and it seems there is a community of people who live this way so I am not trying to offend anyone but this is a way of life I just cannot understand. Her dad is so insistent that the illuminati are out to get them and therefor stockpiles supplies up in the hills where they live away from people and had their children at home who don’t even have birth certificates. It is a sad story in a lot of ways about her family dynamics so if that is not what you need right now, I totally get it and I would not suggest picking this one up. Without ruining the ending, I have to say I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending but would still recommend the book just to learn about resilience and finding your own path.

3. Inside Out by Demi Moore

Demi Moore

I have to say I didn’t know much about Demi Moore before picking up her book aside from seeing her in movies and tabloids. I kept seeing her memoir on must read book lists (now ending up on mine) and was intrigued. She had a hard upbringing but I just found her so endearing. She lets out a lot of secrets but in such a self reflecting way and not blaming anyone else for the situations and life experiences she goes through. I found it so refreshing from a Hollywood star who didn’t come off self absorbed at all and how she’s evolved to love herself. It gave me happy feels at the end and now I have a completely different perspective of her.

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Born a Crime

Chelsea lent me this one and again, I didn’t know too much about Trevor Noah but recognized him from tv. Another book on hard upbringings and a desire to straight hustle. Trevor grew up during Apartheid in South Africa and has such vivid memories of how the country operated, it was very eye opening. I found that I learned things from this book, I laughed, I felt sadness, and just think he’s such an amazing story teller. Oh and he had a very strong mother figure which I guess now that I’m writing this blog, I am realizing how drawn to stories about strong, resilient women I am. Very entertaining and interesting read that I would highly recommend!

Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow

Catch and Kill

Another one not for the faint of heart. I found this a very important book to read and also grateful that so many had the guts to put everything on the line to stop a predator (aka Harvey Weinstein). At the time, Harvey had unbelievable power over the media and high powered execs to be able to hide any real news breaking on him and his disgusting behavior. The book chronicles the timeline and process it took to get real stories/facts out about the creep and eventually bring him down. It’s incredibly powerful and as someone who used to work in media, I can absolutely see how people in power felt they could silence lower level employees who’d been victims. It’s just terrible what happened for YEARS. However, thanks to Ronan and many brave others, they made it happen and started the pathway to justice and for that, this book is an incredible journey.

One thing all of these books have in common is justice of some kind. I am a big fan of justice and learning about people’s paths to the other side of tough situations. In that way, I found these books to be inspirational. There are so many great books out there and once you find your genre, it’s easy to get on a good roll! What are some of your favorite books?

Surprise! I’m 5 months pregnant :)

For some this may come as a surprise but if Dan and I see you in person regularly then you already know this news. We are thrilled that we are expecting our first child this July! This is something that we have been enjoying with our close friends and family for a while but now that it’s pretty much impossible to hide, I’m ready to pull the bandaid and share our news more broadly. It can be tricky to navigate how you want to tell your job, your acquaintances, etc and I’m such a shy person when unveiling such big news about my personal life it was nice to keep our little bundle close to us at the beginning. To be honest, it also didn’t feel fully real until I started to show. Even when we’d go for appointments and see the baby on the screen, I still couldn’t really believe it to be true since I have felt a million symptoms but none of them were a baby wiggling around in my stomach. This was something we were actively trying for so it wasn’t a surprise or anything, it’s just such an unreal experience that I’m glad we get to share together.

I don’t blog much on here anymore but it’s been such an amazing time capsule for me to look back on so I thought I would blog about my pregnancy experience so far so I can remember all the details to look back on and if by chance you find it interesting, than I’m happy to share more!


  • bloating from even before I took a pregnancy test
  • heartburn – I have had heartburn in general, pregnant or not, it’s just amplified now ūüôā
  • Nightime headaches
  • Nausea in first trimester but pretty much gone now unless I eat something weird
  • Loss of breath – sometimes I will be doing absolutely nothing and just be out of breath, for someone who loves to workout and be active this is a very foreign feeling but I feel very in touch with my body and have slowed down quite a bit
  • Fatigue – napping is my jam! Sometimes I get home from work, take a nap, wake up for an hour or two, and then go to bed. I’m just also relishing this time now to sleep because I know those days are numbered ūüôā
  • My bra size has more than doubled… I will leave it at that. There are a lot more physical symptoms but I will leave the tmi out for now.
  • Mood swings – the hardest part of being pregnant is taking Bart to work every day where you patience is truly tested! I wouldn’t say I get super cranky or anything, I just feel less patient overall.

Soooo after hearing all that, who wants to hang out? These symptoms have me completely convinced I am having a girl for no other reason than the surge of hormones is REAL. No matter what you are having, a pregnant person gets a surge of hormones anyway so who really knows but we will find out soon! Now onto the more fun stuff.

Food “Cravings”

  • CARBS – all the carbs, mainly bagels and cream cheese but I’ll take toast any way. I don’t say cravings really because it’s not like I’m craving anything really, just some things taste so much better than others
  • Fruit¬†– Whatever is in season but oranges and mango have been my go to’s lately.
  • Eggs – I’ve always liked eggs but I probably eat eggs every day now and am loving it
  • Pickles – so cliche but I’ve always like pickles so now I just always order extra if I’m ordering a meal that includes pickles
  • Ice Water – this sounds so basic but I crave cold water, it’s just so damn good!

Items/Things I’m loving

  • Maternity pants/leggings –¬†So many people told me not to waste money on maternity clothes but honestly, for me, they have been such an amazing investment. I imagine I will wear them well into even postpartum.
  • Maternity pillow – wowwwww, I am obsessed with the pregnancy pillow Dan got me that’s basically a big huge U-Shape. I am a cozy person in general and love laying in bed drinking tea or reading, etc so this has just made my bed time experience all the better :). I don’t sleep incredibly well through the night so it makes it just a more pleasant experience all around.
  • Prenatal yoga – I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up for a prenatal class, I thought it would just be super modified yoga. However, with a skilled Doula leading the class she actually has been teaching me a lot about pregnancy and birth and how to work with your body when it’s sending you signals of any kind. Also, the sense of community. It’s so nice to meet other expecting mom’s in my neighborhood.
  • Mom tribes! I have so many amazing mom’s in my life who have been nothing but overly helpful and generous with their time, advice, etc. This is completely PRICELESS!


  • I’m mainly now just sticking to Yoga pretty regularly and walking a lot. I use my Fitbit to make sure I’m getting at least 10,000 steps a day in and trying to soak in all the fresh air I can because it just feels good.
  • I was still horseback riding up until recently which was fine because the horse I ride is very safe but ultimately stopped because without a core it’s a lot achier on my back and hips
  • I did go skiing and snowboarding but this is something I’m very comfortable with and we went during the week to avoid big crowds. One of the biggest concerns with people continuing to do this sport while pregnant is actually other people, the risk of someone else running into you so we were super mindful of this.

Everyone has their own experience and makes their own choices so you just have to do what’s best for you. My experience has definitely been interesting and I’m sure there is always something new that will pop up to learn about myself, my body, the pregnancy, and then our baby!

All You Need is Love.


It felt like the perfect day to reflect on love. The idea of Valentine’s Day has always struck me as a funny thing and big celebrations baffle me but I do love the idea of celebrating love! Even if we say “it should be all the time, not just today” it is a good calendar set time to try to do something sweet to tell someone or many people in your life that you love them because sometimes we say we are going to do things more frequently and then we never get to it. Since I will be getting married this year, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on why love is so important to me and explore the depths of that. At the end of the day, we all need some support from somewhere to turn to when we need a hug or to be there to give a hug when someone else needs it. The love that I’ve found feels like a heart beat, sometimes it spikes and sometimes it slows down but I don’t know how I would live without it. It keeps me going and brings me life. That’s because my partner, Dan, is simply the best. He’s supportive and fun and adventurous and most of all loving. So here is my my old school meets new school ode to my Valentine, Dan.




All photos taken by our wonderful wedding/engagement photographer, Cherlyn Wagner.

Outfit details – Tan skirt, black over-the-knee boots (Poshmark), white sweater (similar here).

Favorite Beauty Products of 2018

I should start this off by saying this is not an advertisement, these are just real products that I love and truly recommend. 2018 was the year of discovering products that work for me and plan to keep in my daily or weekly routine (depending on the product).

Let’s start off with the “where have you been all of my life?” product, the one I don’t think I can live without: Goop’s G. Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo. This has transformed my hair and turned my shower routine into a spa-like experience. I rub a small amount into my hair once a week and wash out all of the salt crystals. This stuff works out any build-up from the week generally brought on by other hair products I use. This makes my hair smell amazing and feel squeaky clean. It’s a game changer.


Next is my second “where have you been all of my life?” product, Differin gel. Earlier this year I had a handful of pretty awful breakouts and nothing seemed to keep them at bay until I learned about this gel. Now, if I see or feel a breakout coming, I blot a little of this gel on the spot, go to bed, and wake up blemish free. This stuff is the real deal and helps combat pimples but unfortunately doesn’t help with scars.


This is an oldie but a goody, a product I love so much I have already written a post about it here.¬† Julep’s love your bare face is an oil based cleanser that really gets rid of your makeup (even waterproof mascara) and leaves your face feeling soft and clean. I have been using this for six years, in fact my breakouts happened when I switched to a different cleanser- I won’t be making that mistake again.


I got my very first facial at a spa in Edinburgh, Scotland this past Spring and the esthetician used a micro exfoliating balm that smelled so good I had to bring it home with me. It is luxurious in every way and leaves my skin feeling smooth and bright. I use it once or twice a month because I want it to last!


The next one isn’t exactly just one product but a line of very affordable products that I have had a lot of fun discovering. By now you have probably heard of a brand called The Ordinary. So far, my favorite product has been the hyaluronic acid which costs just $6.80 a bottle. It helps me any time my skin or lips are feeling dry and at that price point, it can’t be beat.

theordinary(image courtesy of Adore Beauty)

Lastly, another affordable line available at Target is by celebrity hairstylist Kristen Ess. Her products smell amazing and really do work well, I even use her straightener (it gives me the best curls). One of my favorite products is her dry shampoo, I spray it on at night and let it absorb any oils so that my hair looks fresh in the morning.

kristeness(image courtesy of Kristen Ess)

Have you discovered products that you truly love and think we should try? Let us know in the comments!




Rhinestone Cowgirl.

_43a3215(Hat – Brixton, Jacket – Madewell, Boots – Go Jane)

I can’t deny, I’ve been obsessed with Kacey Musgraves since Golden Hour dropped and I’ve been trying to channel my inner Kacey ever since. She’s such a ray of sunshine and truth in such a simple and classic way. She’s also a horse gal, so it’s not too hard to relate to her cowgirl roots. Our friend, Mary Nite, is the QUEEN of shoes and had these sparkling boots years ago that when I saw them I knew I had to have them. Mary told me where she got them but I had waited too long to pull the trigger so I started scouring the internet and finally found my perfect Rhinestone Cowgirl boots. I can’t lie, they aren’t the most comfortable boots but they sure are magical.

_43a3220This tassel purse was a gift from Lindsay and it goes perfect with the theme!

43a3253.jpgThe most perfect mix of glitz and glam.

_43a3229This Madewell denim jacket is such a classic. I wear it ALL the time, along with my Brixton hat!

_43a3244The feather details on the hat add to the boho vibe that I love so much.

_43a3205This was the outfit I wore to my niece’s 3rd princess themed birthday party. I also got her sparkly boots so we could be dazzling together. It doesn’t get any better than that!

5 Best Boss Babes of 2018 (Britt’s Picks).


We hear the words boss babe all of the time and I love taking the chance to recognize some of the bossiest babes! This year, I’ve really gotten into a lot of reading, listening to, and just encountering boss babes that I’m in awe of. Here are my top picks of 2018.

MUSIC – Kacey Musgraves, Golden Hour
¬†Wow, wow, wow. This album is stunning from beginning to end. She does such an amazing job of stripping songs down to the most beautiful basics and singing the most relatable lyrics. The entire album appeared on my 2018 most played playlist on Spotify and there’s a reason for that. You can listen from start to finish and still want more. All hail queen Kacey!

PODCAST – Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe
I’m proud to say I’m a Vino. Surprisingly, I’m not talking about wine. Although Kaitlin loves her wine and it makes it’s appearances on the pod, she’s just as real as they come. She does a little bit of Bachelor/Bachelorette recapping but mainly talks about life and how she’s working to build her own businesses. I find even listening to the podcasts where I don’t know the guests to be really entertaining.

PODCAST – Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday
Oprah is as real as they come and she asks the best questions. This one can be a tear jerker sometimes. She cuts to the core of real topics. She brings to light so many thought provoking topics and there isn’t anything off the table. Some of my favorite episodes were with other boss babes like Julia Roberts (who talks about social media trolls and the affect they can have) and Michelle Obama (who talks about her upcoming book and IVF).

READING – Power Up by Magdalena YesilPower-Up-BookThis book was so refreshing when it comes to talking about owning your career and how to get past the chaos. Magdalena came and gave a talk at my office and I found her interesting but hadn’t read the book yet. After reading the book, I would have been so star struck to be in the same room as her. She’s so smart, focused, and doesn’t deal with any BS. I couldn’t recommend this book more!

CONNECTIONS – My Boss Babe Tribe
I know this is cheesy but this past year I’ve been so in awe by so many of my friends and family members. Chelsea has been an amazing life coach to with so many different aspects of life, my sister in law started her own successful business, a handful of my friends spent hours with me helping me figure out my next career goals since they’ve achieved many career highs, and another handful have been helping me plan a wedding for next year showing me how much these women do on a daily basis to up level their careers, their lives, and overall achieve goals. Mad props to all my peeps, I’m continuously impressed and don’t know what I’d do without you! Cheers to 2019, with this tribe I’m ready for anything.

Friendship: How to make time for each other when life gets busy.

img_2092Ask anyone nowadays how they’ve been and it seems the answer is always “busy.” ¬†There are so many events, work, kids, family, the list goes on and on. ¬†Hopefully you are filling your time with things you enjoy doing but it doesn’t make you any less busy! ¬†Chelsea, Lindsay, and I have by no means perfected the art of preserving a staple friend date but we’ve been doing pretty good lately with a few simple hacks so we thought we’d share. ¬†We all live in different parts of the bay area now, separated by trains, buses, and boats. ¬†Literally. ¬†This past week, we had a standing dinner date and were talking about how consistent we’ve been lately and how a few things have helped us preserve our cherished time together. ¬†In case you need some ideas to get your gal gang back together for some face time, here are some things that have helped us.

  • Get it on the calendar. ¬†As soon as everyone can agree on a date, we add it to our calendars so we don’t accidentally double book and have to cancel. ¬†Give it some space, too. ¬†Every week might be too much of a commitment for everyone and being so frequent, might give people a way out since they can just join next week. ¬†Not that we are suggesting tricking friends into hanging out :).
  • Make it convenient. ¬†We’ve been meeting for coffee or dinner at the hub of transportation so before or after our meet ups, each of us can get on or off that train, bus, or boat. ¬†Adjust for the groups needs, for example if someone is trying to stick to a diet, go for a walk.
  • Make it quality time. ¬†If everyone only has an hour to give, make sure everyone has a chance to talk about what’s going on in their lives good or bad.
  • Try new places or specials on the menu! ¬†We’ve been going to the same place for a few meet ups lately and have tried a few different menu items each time which has been really fun. ¬†This brings an added touch of excitement to an already fun meet up.

img_2037Here we are trying the lemon shake and an assortment of fries.  What can I say, they were delicious!

I also have frequent FaceTime/phone dates with one of my gal gang who has moved out of state. ¬†We have a standing calendar save for a phone date but even if we can’t connect that week, we still text and communicate so at least we aren’t letting too much time go by before checking in with each other.

What are some of the ways you’ve been able to make time for friend dates?

Bodysuit Hack – Turn it around!

img_2069(Bodysuit – Madewell they no longer carry this one but here are some others, Jeans – American Eagle, Bag – gift from my mom that she got in Italy at a market, Necklace – gift from my brother/sister in law from a fair trade market in Sonoma, Sunglasses – Forever21)

When bodysuits started to become a trend, I loved how flattering they were on people and I really wanted to try them out. ¬†However, I could never find one that looked like it would fit well or wasn’t too skimpy for my body type. ¬†I ended up buying this one here in this post from Madewell one day without trying it on with the thought process that since it was long sleeved, how could it go wrong? ¬†Well the V-Neck cut of it was just too deep for my chest and it’s been sitting in my closet for months. ¬†One day my friend and co-worker, Mallory, walked into the office with this adorable back swooped body suit that I had to ask about. ¬†Turns out, she had a similar problem as myself and was crafty enough to figure out that a good way to still wear the bodysuit was simply to turn it around. ¬†I went from never wearing my body suit to it being one of my favorite tops thanks to this hack!

img_2076I love how classy the high neck looks on the body suit now.  Someone even complimented it the other day and said it looked like an Audrey Hepburn look the other day.  I was so flattered!

img_2091A friend passed down these Madewell booties to me and they are so comfortable, I wear them all the time. ¬†Also, props for all the clothing swaps I’ve had with my friends and family. ¬†I truly get such great use out of hand me downs.

img_2072When in doubt, flip it around!  Thanks Mallory for your creativity and outfit hacking!

Happy 4th of July everyone – enjoy the holiday week.


4 Days in Death Valley – What to see.


Dan and I journeyed to Death Valley this past February and it was completely stunning. ¬†Shame on me for not knowing this but when I thought of Death Valley, I had always imagined it to be just a vast desert with tumbleweeds blowing by every hour. ¬†I could not have been more wrong! ¬†We saw so many different colors, landscapes, and interesting places. ¬†We went in February which is during peak season and it was sunny but quite cold. ¬†The average annual rainfall is 2.36 inches… ¬†Therefore, it’s not likely you will get rained out of any outdoor activities :). ¬†You do need to bring lots of water though since there aren’t many places to fill up your water bottles.

We had a goal in mind of going for walks and exploring photography so if those are of interest to you, here is what our itinerary looked like and is absolutely possible in 4 days:

  • Day 1¬†
    • Rented a car in Vegas and drove to Death Valley. ¬†The drive is beautiful! ¬†It took us about 2.5 hrs. ¬†Pro-tip: make sure to check what time the rental car company opens if you go this route, we flew in early in the morning and had to wait (not long) for the company to open up to get the car.
    • Stopped at Zabriskie Point on the way in as well as a few other unmarked spots for photos.
    • Checked into The Ranch at Death Valley. ¬†This hotel is OK. ¬†It’s in a great location but for how expensive it is, not worth it. ¬†Hopefully some of the money goes back to the park. ¬†The Oasis is a really upscale hotel in the park which looks really fancy and then there are campgrounds so there are three spectrums of choices to choose from. ¬†Camping would be really fun but the temperatures are sort of extreme in both directions so I was glad we ended up in hotel after we saw the campgrounds were sold out.
    • Went for sunset at Badwater Basin which was awesome!! ¬†You can walk for miles and miles around the lowest point in North America.
  • Day 2
    • Sunrise at Zabriskie Point. ¬†This spot is great. ¬†Easy to access by car with a parking lot and you can walk up a short path to enjoy the view or hike around.
    • Second stop was the Mesquite Sand Dunes. ¬†Quite a bit of walking and trying to walk uphill in sand but very beautiful. ¬†We enjoy hiking so it was fun to get out in the dunes and see a sea of the beautifully soft rolling hills. ¬†We also saw a big group of kids who brought sleds and they were having a blast. ¬†That was really fun to see.
    • We ended with a sunset at the Ubehebe Crater. ¬†Very unique and beautiful spot to see and hike around! ¬† I should mention this full day entailed a lot of driving to each point of interest so just FYI in case you suffer from car sickness.
  • Day 3
    • We rented a jeep from Farabee’s Jeep Rentals. ¬†Very friendly staff, extremely easy to rent, and very close to the campgrounds and the Ranch where we were staying. ¬†They gave us maps and explained all of the places we could potentially take the jeep. ¬†That helped us decide to go on an adventure through a long, 4WD drive through Titus Canyon which was amazing. ¬†Beautiful vistas and it’s a one way drive so you don’t have to worry about any other vehicles coming around blind turns towards you.
    • Sunset at The Artist’s Palette. ¬†The mineral colors here aren’t as stark as some of the photos you will find online but as soon as the sun dropped and there was a shadow cast on the mounds, the colors really started to pop. ¬†It is suggested to come here at sunset and I’d agree with that. ¬†You will find many other people here at this time.
  • Day 4
    • Breakfast and then hike through Golden Canyon Trailhead. ¬†Nice and easy with great views of these red cathedrals. ¬†So interesting how big some of these features are but fragile. ¬†They are all made of minerals and light, sand type materials.
    • After the nice morning hike, we packed up and headed on our road trip back to Vegas.

Important things to consider when visiting Death Valley:

  • Time of year for temperature purposes.
  • Having a car is crucial. ¬†Everything is really far apart. ¬†On the plus side, there’s a gas station conveniently located near the campgrounds.
  • Bring your own food and water. ¬†This isn’t a necessity but I wish we would have. ¬†There are stores and a few restaurants in the park but they cost a bit more and the quality isn’t great. ¬†In fact, I got a stomach bug from one of the restaurants so I wish we would have brought a lot more snacks to make on our own. ¬†Also, when we’d drive to each different location, we hardly ever encountered water fill stations. ¬†That’s not common in a desert type of environment like it is in mountain settings.
  • What you want to see in what time frame. ¬†The park is massive so figure out what are the top sights you want to see and try to map it out by location.
  • Logistics are key. ¬†There are very few places to stay actually inside the park so you will need to book in advance especially if you are going during peak time (mid-Oct to mid-May). ¬†This also goes for activities like renting a jeep or booking a tour. ¬†I would say this park was not as busy as Yosemite is in the Summer but I think that’s just the nature of how spread out Death Valley is.

OK if you made it through all of that, now you will see some of these amazing places through a few photos I snapped.

img_0274Badwater Basin

img_0301Zabriskie Point at sunrise

img_0308Ubehebe Crater


Jeep adventure through Titus Canyon.

img_0400Hike through the canyons that lay below Zabriskie Point called Golden Canyon Trailhead.

img_0163The drive in as we started to see interesting features pop up, we’d pull over to explore and take photos.

img_5338The Artist’s Palette was easy to access and the colors were stunning!IMG_0436You can hike around in The Artist’s Palette which is so fun to get up close to the beautiful pastel colors.

Here’s Dan hiking another mound near the Artist’s Palette to get an elevated photo.

IMG_5155The Mesquite Sand Dunes.

IMG_5178The texture of the Ubehebe Crater was so unique.

IMG_0200More views driving out of Death Valley.

There were of course a few more things we could have seen in the park but I was happy with the amount of time we spent there and all of the locations we went to.  It was a trip well worth it!


Campfire Attire.

IMG_5472_2Summer nights in the Bay Area (San Francisco specifically) aren’t particularly warm, so it’s a great opportunity to have a bonfire or a small wood fire in your backyard. It’s a little hard to shoot pictures at night so you’ll have to pretend that I am around a fire here!

IMG_5471(I love Moscow Mules and we have a few of these copper cups that we use to keep our drinks super cold. Mules are my go-to cocktail (and shoe), even around a bonfire.)

IMG_5469_2(This chair is super easy to put together and is also a rocking chair- Pendleton)

IMG_5466_2(Beanie- Forever 21, Blanket- Brittany’s personal throw)


I’m ready for Summer to officially start! Aren’t you?