I’m A Hopeless Wanderer.

Brittany and I are big fans of photography and she has been talking about taking pictures with the sun setting for months. We finally got a chance to go out to the barn she rides at and used a very heavy and beautiful prop- a walking, talking (okay, he doesn’t talk but he sure does eat) horse! He was happy just grazing the entire time, I must say he is a natural in front of the camera.

(I love the way the light beams through our hair, it gives a pretty golden effect)

(This is it, the shot Britt was hoping for. She took this photo right as the sun was setting with literally seconds to spare)

(This photo goes to show that composition is everything. I love the reflection in the water as well as the weight in the bottom of the photo, it is one of my favorites)

(After hours with a very hungry horse, we had a minute where he was very still. This was an amazing moment where I felt the same size as him if that is possible)

(Another great silhouette shot, look at the detail in his mane- he is so gorgeous)

While I would not consider myself to be a horse person (or an anything person to be honest) I can’t remember a time when I was more relaxed than while I was at the barn. You are in a world removed from the hectic city as you hear crickets chirp and starlings flutter above you. I jump at the chance to go there as I get to spend my time reading or taking photos, I know why Brittany goes as much as she does. It is a real life “happy place”.

Channeling Audrey.

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most iconic feminine figures and I love the subtle beauty that she emits; it’s like she isn’t trying at all. We decided to pull a modern twist on this famous photo. Take a look and try to recreate this simple hair DIY!

Tease Hair(If you are like me and have straight hair, tease it a bit to get a little volume)

Twist Bun(Twist your hair into a high bun, secure with a hair tie)

Bobby Pins(Pin any loose ends under your bun with bobby pins. Don’t be careful, the messier the better)

Headband(Now that you have the imperfect modern bun, accent it with a studded headband)

Side Profile(I love how this loose bun gives the voluminous effect that my relaxed hair normally lacks)

Channeling Gwen.

In honor of No Doubt’s new studio album coming out today, we thought we should channel our favorite ska-rock goddess! Gwen Stefani is an undeniable style icon who can look gentle, feminine, and badass rocker all at the same time. She’s a great figure for girls to look up to and has been an idol of ours for the past 16 years. We decided to pay homage to her by trying one of her throwback hairstyles that I call the “twisty-bun-bang”. It’s super simple to do but looks really stylish which is something we love. Here’s how you can pull it off.

(Pull a large section of hair from the front of your face)

(Softly wrap that section into a wide bun, you don’t want it to be very solid)

(Secure the airy bun with bobby pins)

(Tie the rest of your hair back into a pony tail)

(Grab an orange and there you have it, a timeless style Gwen has rocked 1995-present)

Abandoned Memory Card Chip

We teased this segment a little while back and think it is ready for it’s official debut. A memory card was found in the garage at our work and we decided to get to the bottom of it! Sounds simple enough but we couldn’t have been more wrong because we didn’t have a camera or any of the simple resources that could help us decode this mysterious chip. We enlisted the help of our personal engineer who prefers to remain anonymous-until you watch the video because our editing skills are not advanced enough to blur his face. Plus, we suspected he knew a little more about this memory card than he was letting on and he had a memory card reader which would take him like 30 seconds to do… without us bugging him.

Take a look below as We Investigate!

Anti-Climactic? Yup. We never did find out what was on that memory card because someone alerted the Feds. Moments after that video was shot, our office was completely raided. We think it had something to do with Area 51.

What are your thoughts, what do you think the aliens were trying to tell us?!

Delicious Dishes – Pumpkin Muffins!

CupcakeFaceI love to bake. Ask Chelsea, sometimes I bring a tupperware full of freshly baked cupcakes to the office and before I have even sat down she is standing behind me demanding to know what that delicious smell is. And the tupperware is air tight! I’m a little worried about her actually, she can eat her weight in cupcakes- I mean it isn’t pretty about 15 minutes later but she keeps doing it. I digress! My mom has always been a baker so she has shared her recipes and kitchen with me since I was a little girl.  Fall is my favorite time of the year for baking because the best spices start to appear in all kinds of delicious dishes.  With that being said, I thought I’d share one of my favorite recipes for pumpkin muffins and what I do to make them seasonally perfect!  Using this recipe, you’re sure to make lots of friends by bringing them these sweet treats- just don’t tell Chelsea because she doesn’t like to share or save any for others.

(I always bring all of the ingredients out first and put them away as I add them to the mixing bowl.  That way I remember what I’ve already added.)

(I usually add things to my liking so for this recipe I added about a teaspoon of Ginger spice, a bunch of raisins, and coconut.  Once you get comfortable baking, it’s fun to throw in flavors that will add that extra bit of delicious-ness.)

(I’ve started sprinkling coconut on my baked goods instead of frosting for a healthier alternative.  I love coconut and it adds the perfect texture and taste.  I like to use cute paper cups to share with friends but you can also bake without any of the cups in the pan just make sure to grease the pan first.)

(They come out golden and crisp but still soft in the center after 20 minutes.  They also fill your house with an amazing Fall aroma.)

Make these this weekend and share them with your friends! Thank you for a great second week, see you on Monday!

You Can Shuck It!

Recently a group of us went to Tomales Bay and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun and shucking oysters. If you haven’t done this before, I highly recommend it because with the right company and weather, it can be a perfect day!

(Mo and Kerry lift up the first bag of 50 oysters we started shucking)

(It is important to keep the oysters cold and on ice before you shuck them)

(It is easy to do, just drive the shucking knife into the opening of the shell and pop it open)

(It’s probably a good idea to wear gloves but they don’t call me “danger” for nothing!)

(My favorite way to eat them is raw with a squeeze of lemon juice)

(We shucked the oysters and set them on ice for people to grab as they socialized)

(Sipping mimosas throughout the morning was a delicious compliment to the oysters!)

(The oysters were so delicious that I had to use my trick fork to steal from my fellow shuckers. Mo clearly questions my motives)

(At the end of the day, a baby oyster was all that remained)

If you are interested in spending a day out with your friends, click here and try out the Tomales Bay Oyster Company!

Spotlight Artist: Atlas Genius

Atlas Genius

Spotlight Artist – Atlas Genius

We go to a lot of shows and have the chance to see a lot of great artists every month.  It’s always great to get out and take a real listen to music, it’s a true representation of the artists.  Chels and I both share a love for music and although we don’t always agree on certain artists, Atlas Genius is a band that we are both crazy about.  We took note of their single track “Trojans” when it first started circulating the air waves and decided to take a further listen.

These nice Aussies are on the rise and we wanted to share their music with you while you still have a chance to see them on tour with one of our other favorites Silversun Pickups as we just did last week!  Get to the show early to catch these guys, you won’t be disappointed.  We both picked our favorite tracks and you can take a listen below if you’d like!

Britt’s pick: Back Seat

I love this song! It’d make a great road trip song to put on a playlist and hit the road with your friends.

Chelsea’s pick: Symptoms

Every time this song starts playing on my shuffle, my ears always perk up- I love the lyrics!

(photo from Fox Theatre, Oakland)

I’m A Little Bit Country But Mostly Rock & Roll!

While I do have love for horses, it in no way conflicts with my wardrobe and I also share that passion for music and hipster style! Concerts are one of the best forms of entertainment and as Chelsea said in her previous post, anything goes at a rock show.  I love layers and  accessories; my choices for rock wear are a good bold dress and some hot shoes.  Throw in some edgy jewelry and I’m sold, already walking out the door.  Pull it together and get to the show, there’s good tunes awaiting.

(Hat – Forever 21, Dress – topshop NY, shoes – Urban Outfitters, denim shirt – Nordstroms, chain – LITTER jewelry)

(I can’t talk enough about how much I love my LITTER leg chain garter.  The SF based jewelry company has some of the most unique pieces that I love rocking.)

(These Urban Outfitter wedges are hands down one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I own.)

(I’ve been loving cross jewelry lately.  This tiny cross bracelet adds a nice feminine touch with an edge.)

Rock shows and music festivals are one of the greatest forms of entertainment.  Throw on some rock attire and get out there to dance the night away.

Anything Goes at a Rock Show.

Full Image

I would typically be considered someone who dresses conservatively but on the inside I am anything but. I never feel more alive than when I am at a rock concert, having someone with a microphone shout profanity at me really gets my adrenaline running. Perhaps it brings me back to my youth- the concert part, not the microphone and profanity. No, there was never a microphone.

Rock Purse(When I saw this purse, I knew I had to have it. The studs transforms a drab outfit instantly!)

Rock Top(This top is so perfect for a show because it keeps you cool and is slightly risque!)

Rock Makeup(I am a firm believer that you can be whoever you want at a live show, even if you are wearing so much makeup you can barely open your eyes- example given above)

Throw on some fake lashes and red lips because tonight you are among the (rock) stars.

How You Know It’s Time For Lunch.

The other day, Brittany and I were on the phone chatting about upcoming DIY projects. I started to get the feeling that she was distracted and not giving me her full attention. This is what followed:

Chelsea: “You know what we can do? Take the glass from the picture frame and make a little table out of it. It can hold dead bodies.”

Brittany: “Uh, huh.” *chewing sound*

C: “Are you listening to me? What did I say?”

B: “Yeah, I am! Ok, no. I was scraping the crumbs from the bottom of my cookie bag.”

C: “I knew you weren’t listening to me! I said we can make a table for dead bodies!”

B: “You know what I pictured you saying? ‘Let’s make a table surrounded by cookies.'”

Basically, I learned that I can’t compete with cookies and it was clearly time for lunch.
Have a great weekend and thanks for making this a fun first week! And in honor of seeing the Silversun Pickups & Atlas Genius this past Wednesday, check back on Monday for Rock Show Fashion!