You Can Shuck It!

Recently a group of us went to Tomales Bay and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun and shucking oysters. If you haven’t done this before, I highly recommend it because with the right company and weather, it can be a perfect day!

(Mo and Kerry lift up the first bag of 50 oysters we started shucking)

(It is important to keep the oysters cold and on ice before you shuck them)

(It is easy to do, just drive the shucking knife into the opening of the shell and pop it open)

(It’s probably a good idea to wear gloves but they don’t call me “danger” for nothing!)

(My favorite way to eat them is raw with a squeeze of lemon juice)

(We shucked the oysters and set them on ice for people to grab as they socialized)

(Sipping mimosas throughout the morning was a delicious compliment to the oysters!)

(The oysters were so delicious that I had to use my trick fork to steal from my fellow shuckers. Mo clearly questions my motives)

(At the end of the day, a baby oyster was all that remained)

If you are interested in spending a day out with your friends, click here and try out the Tomales Bay Oyster Company!

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