Channeling Audrey.

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most iconic feminine figures and I love the subtle beauty that she emits; it’s like she isn’t trying at all. We decided to pull a modern twist on this famous photo. Take a look and try to recreate this simple hair DIY!

Tease Hair(If you are like me and have straight hair, tease it a bit to get a little volume)

Twist Bun(Twist your hair into a high bun, secure with a hair tie)

Bobby Pins(Pin any loose ends under your bun with bobby pins. Don’t be careful, the messier the better)

Headband(Now that you have the imperfect modern bun, accent it with a studded headband)

Side Profile(I love how this loose bun gives the voluminous effect that my relaxed hair normally lacks)

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