I’m A Hopeless Wanderer.

Brittany and I are big fans of photography and she has been talking about taking pictures with the sun setting for months. We finally got a chance to go out to the barn she rides at and used a very heavy and beautiful prop- a walking, talking (okay, he doesn’t talk but he sure does eat) horse! He was happy just grazing the entire time, I must say he is a natural in front of the camera.

(I love the way the light beams through our hair, it gives a pretty golden effect)

(This is it, the shot Britt was hoping for. She took this photo right as the sun was setting with literally seconds to spare)

(This photo goes to show that composition is everything. I love the reflection in the water as well as the weight in the bottom of the photo, it is one of my favorites)

(After hours with a very hungry horse, we had a minute where he was very still. This was an amazing moment where I felt the same size as him if that is possible)

(Another great silhouette shot, look at the detail in his mane- he is so gorgeous)

While I would not consider myself to be a horse person (or an anything person to be honest) I can’t remember a time when I was more relaxed than while I was at the barn. You are in a world removed from the hectic city as you hear crickets chirp and starlings flutter above you. I jump at the chance to go there as I get to spend my time reading or taking photos, I know why Brittany goes as much as she does. It is a real life “happy place”.

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