Frovers- How to Know You’re Getting Serious.

“Frovers” is a term that was coined by Brittany the other day, it is a combination of the words Friends and Lovers. It’s not literally friends and lovers, it is more friends who could be mistaken for lovers. Frovers, we all have one. We’ve found that lately people have been giving us reason to believe that we might be a little too close to one another. See these examples and let us know if you might have a Frover of your own.

(You have a key to her apartment. And you stay there when your Frover is at her boyfriend’s house. And her roommates mistake you for her)

(Your mom says to you, “you girls just look so happy together.” I mean, it’s totally true, we really are)

Frovers(You get called your Frover’s name at Starbucks. But you have different colored hair, look nothing alike, and your Frover is still at the office)

(You are spending the night at your Frover’s place and forgot undies- you have to borrow some. We’ve never done this though, no, no)

Frovers, if you rearrange the letters, you get “Forevrs”- which is really close to “Forevers” but not exactly. Coincidence?! I think not. So, yeah, maybe having a Frover is a little strange but it can’t be wrong when it feels so right.

Our City’s Champs.

World Series WinYou may have heard by now that we are the Champions! Not IFL silly, the San Francisco Giants! Our home team won the World Series after sweeping the Detroit Tigers and we were on the edge of our seats the whole time. It was an exciting series full of home runs, close calls, and men with tight butts. This is a short recap of the 2012 World Series as we saw it.

Pablo Sandoval(Pablo “Panda” Sandoval set the tone of what was to come- hitting 3 home runs in the first game alone! It was Panda-Monium!)

SF GIants(We’re no experts but this looks like a foul to us. SECURITY!)

Ryan Theriot(Ryan Theriot slid home to win the series. [Insert Crab Man here])

Crab Man(Crab Man officially inserted)

North Beach(North Beach, as well as the entire city, erupts in fireworks)

Brandon Crawford(Panda may have received the Post Season MVP trophy for his 3 home run game but we know who the real star is! Brandon Crawford, I mean, have you seen that butt? Someone should give him an award for that… might as well be us!)

Love or hate the Giants, you have to agree they earned the trophy or car or unicorn or whatever it is they win. With a 4 game sweep they made our little city by the Bay very proud! Til next season!

Simple Fall Favorites

I know it’s been Fall for a few weeks now but we just really love it- not only for the fashion but for so many other reasons.  The weather in the bay area has been beautiful and I forgot how nice the changing of seasons can be.  It seems the city is really changing it’s colors in support of the Giants winning another World Series last night!  When we get some free time, you can catch us enjoying some lovely Fall finds.

(Rain boots!  We LOVE rain boots.  These two pairs you can find here and here but boy oh boy, even if there isn’t rain – the fashion police would not stop you for wearing these cuties)

(Selective candles from Bath and Body works like the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle.  I say selective because some of their scents smell like a melted trash compactor…  I say it with all kindness because they have some of our favorites but you must choose with caution!)

(Going for walks in the Fall.  There’s nothing better then slinking on a hoodie and stepping outside to stretch your legs, get some fresh air, and take in all the beautiful colors.  You can even wear your cute rain boots to do this)

(Trader Joe’s seasonal Pumpkin Ravioli’s.  Game changer.  Don’t ask, just eat.)

(Post Halloween candy sales.  If people have stopped giving you candy when you still attempt to trick or treat, this is the best option for you.  Usually CVS and Target are great options for stocking up.  There’s also some great home decor that goes on sale post Halloween if you are patient enough to wait another year to use it.)

There are many reasons why Fall is great but these are a few to take advantage of.  Baking and DIY crafts are a few other of our favorites as you have seen previously.  What do you like to do in the Fall?!

The Tighter, The Better.

Have you ever had an outfit that looks great on but needs a little something extra? Something that gives it that extra pop of color and makes your short skirt seem less slutbaggy? You know what I am talking about- the short dress that is completely inappropriate for work and then you throw on a pair of tights and suddenly you are good to go? Yeah, tights do that. They keep you warm AND make you look like less of a ho- MAGIC!

(These grey cable knit tights can be worn under pretty much any skirt or dress)

(You should have seen how much shorter this skirt looked before I put on these burgundy tights!)

(Britt loves hers thick. These are grey sweater material, they keep her warm during the cold winters!)

(These are some of our favorites right now- patterned and bright opaque. Blue Flower Print/Herringbone/ Yellow Opaque)

All in all, tights add that accessorized element that some cute but dull outfits often lack. And they can cover you up in times when you are unsure if you are showing too much. Men, boys, lads- buy your lady a pair that you like, they come in all different varieties. My boyfriend just bought me ankle socks, we have to start somewhere!

I’ll Be Your Man.

I know we have covered this before but androgyny is really in right now. Asking the question, “is that a dude or a chick?” means the person in question is quite fashionable! You probably already have all of the tools to pull off a great menswear look…especially if you are a man. Let’s take a closer look.

(Aviators are a must, they are masculine and make you look really badass)

(A rose metal watch is the ultimate menswear accessory. Boyfriend jeans are cute, the rolled up bottoms give the illusion of length on pretty much everyone. I got these pants by Insight at an SF store called Cary Lane. They sell sample sale products and are making great button up shirts (seen above) for men in slim fit which look great on girls too!)

(Roll your jeans up at the bottom, this is a must to pull of the look)

(The look is easy and carefree, much like a good man)

Why Nail Art Sucks.

Nail FailLately we have been inspired by cool trendy nail art and we thought to ourselves, “that looks easy and cute, let’s do it!” So we did. Well, that was just stupid. But anyway, come on! Let’s show you how to do the same nail art at home!!

(This isn’t ours, not even close. Just some of the inspiration we were building from)

(First Britt started with white nails and started to paint thin black strips as lashes on her nail)

(The end result was…interesting. But she wore them like this for a couple of days anyway)

(This happened. While we were painting our nails, this guy was break dancing in the courtyard area. He provided the relief we needed from a frustrating nail painting experience)

(I started with this pretty shimmery silver that I should have left alone. Instead I thought painting my nail golden sparkly with a black cat eye slit down the middle would be better)

(Then to top it off I put a silver line down the middle… The end result was horrific)

All in all, leave the nail art to the professionals although we don’t know who that is. Because really, you did this yourself…really?

(Oooh, but this is soooo cute and looks easy enough, we will have to try it!)

Boozin’ and Bakin’

My mom is a great baker and always shows me tricks and tips to help perfect the most delicious dishes.  With apple harvesting being so big this time of year, she shared with me a delicious recipe I knew would taste amazing and get me good and liquored up.  My mom swears by her Cake Mix Doctor Cookbook and now I know why!  This recipe was so simple and a definite crowd-pleaser.  I have to say, I have never been a whiskey fan, I’d go as far as to say that I hate it but put it in a cake and boom- I’m licking the pan.  Does this make me a boozer?  If so, I’m okay with that.

(Two of the most important ingredients)

(I prefer to use an electric mixer on larger cake batters – it makes it much easier to get an even consistency)

(Of course I’m always adding more ingredients than called for.  On top of the fresh apples and pecans, we added raisins to this recipe)

(This recipe also calls for a regular cake pan but we decided to bundt it up.  It made it much more fun to share!)

(The Whiskey carries on into the glaze)

(The glaze should be a pretty thick consistency and you will want the cake to cool a bit before adding the glaze so it doesn’t tear the surface of the cake)

(The glaze will melt into the cake and then it’s ready to serve!)

This is a great Fall recipe that is extremely tasty.  Also, it’s easy to make which is a plus.  Who said boozin’ and bakin’ didn’t go together?! Not me, I just gave a spoonful of frosting to Chelsea about a half hour ago, I better go pick her up where I left her- face down, passed out on Market Street. This cake is that good.

Oh the Treasures you can find on the Island by the City

Treasure Island really is a beautiful place with amazing views of the San Francisco skyline that we love so much.  I was offered the chance to shoot some photos and video at the annual Treasure Island Music Festival for B-Sides TV on Sunday (it’s a two day event).  There were so many bands that really surprised me with beautiful sounds and peaceful performances which made for a nice Sunday.  It’s always nice getting to shoot photos at a day festival because the lighting is great and everyone is in good spirits.

(Not only was there great music but also beautiful art displays)

(These larger than life mirrored eggs were awesome!)

(One of my personal favorites of the day)

(I loved her style.  This band is a brother/sister duo that had the entire crowd moving)

(With alternating stages, no act played at the same time as another and things transitioned really well back and forth)

(Ty Segall has an awesome hair flip)

(Joanna Newsom was definitely a crowd favorite.  She slowed things down with her harp and piano)

(The crowd really started to build up)

(This was a cute vendor)

(Los Campesinos! had a large following of fans and a large amount of band members!)

(The views never disappointed)

(You can see one of the two main the stages to the right and the infamous Ferris Wheel)

(This was my first festival Ferris Wheel and we couldn’t have picked a better time with the sun dropping behind the city.  It was beautiful)

(The Golden Gate Bridge was glowing)

(An overhead Ferris Wheel shot of the two main stages)

(That beautiful San Francisco skyline)

(M83 were amazing as always.  They are so wonderful live, I recommend them to everyone)

(They were so grateful to be playing the Treasure Island music festival and they gave us an amazing show)

(Gossip was the second to last act and this girl has got a voice.)

(Closing out the entire festival was the XX.  I didn’t know how I would like them but they sounded phenomenal.  Really, really great sounding)

This is an annual festival that happens on Treasure Island which I love because it’s smaller than Coachella and the stages are easily accessible.  Also, you can buy separate day passes so you don’t have to attend all weekend if you don’t want to.  It’s a great festival to bring your friends to and just enjoy the music while soaking in the beautiful city scape.

Handmade Creations.

If you haven’t visited the world of Etsy yet, you really should. They have everything you could ever want and everything you didn’t know you wanted until you found it there. Everything is unique and supports artisans trying to share their creations with the world. I often spend hours upon hours searching for treasures. Check out some of the artists we are loving right now! Maybe you will find a little something for yourself too!

(Letterhappy. We think an amazing gift for anyone is a hand written card. These cards are not only thoughtful, they are cute and unique. We love everything about them!)

(Bluebird. Great geometric jewelry for an even better price!)

(Arminho Paper. These tiny notebooks are perfect for my purse. I store all of my brilliant ideas on them!)

Check out how they make these beautiful notebooks here!

(BlackbirdAndTheOwl. Their handmade and handprinted leather pouches are a great thing to keep in your bag to keep your lip glosses from running rampant through your purse!)

(Theater Clouds. Meticulously crafted scenes photographed for one-of-a-kind looks. These make amazing gifts!)

(Urban Plus Forest. Amazing wall art made from White Birch wood. So understated and beautiful)

(This is my cell phone case that I got from Hello Nutcase. I always get compliments on it and the bright blue color makes it easier to spot in my always messy purse!)

If you aren’t convinced yet, visit Etsy and find something you love. I promise, you will.

Hipster Hangout

There’s one type of style that really resonates with the San Francisco music scene and really any music scene for that matter.  There are different variations of the style of course, like this one which is a little more rock glam.  In the end it all falls under one word, hipster.  I just love hipster style.  There’s something so nerdy but beautiful about it.  Who cares if you look like Urkel or Waldo, they were cool!  It’s also comfortable to be bundled and beanied.  So grab a PBR and embrace your inner hipster style.

(My Steve Madden boots are THE BEST.  I wear these with shorts, dresses, leggings, jeans, and so much more)

(I love beanies.  They keep you warm and can help tame a wild mane.)

(A trick I’ve learned that’s made me love scarves:  Tie the ends in a small knot and then wrap around your neck once or twice like an infinity scarf.  It keeps the scarf laying nicely but still cutely disheveled.)

(Grab a PBR, put on your urkel glasses, and perch in a window.  Boom, we just made you a hipster too!)