DDIY: (Don’t) Do It Yourself

DIY Haircut

You ever get so bored that your mind starts wandering and you think to yourself, “maybe I need to switch up my look. Right now!” Yeah, I had one of those moments this past week and decided that I needed to drop everything and cut my bangs that very minute. Britt grabbed her camera and we quickly scurried into the bathroom where I took immediate action.

Holding Bangs(I decided to measure my hair and see where I wanted my bangs to begin)

First Cut Is the Deepest(The first cut is the deepest- there is no turning back now!)

Laughing Cut(I was laughing because I knew I shouldn’t be doing this)

It's done!(I fully committed to the cut, that was at least 5 inches!)

Done(In the end, it is jagged but has a lot of “character”)

Maybe haircutting is not a true “Do It Yourself” activity and should be left to someone with real training. Even though I am happy with the cut- if you’re a crier, I wouldn’t attempt this at home!

2 thoughts on “DDIY: (Don’t) Do It Yourself

  1. Been there, done that! Yep, I know all too well the perils of cutting my own hair on a whim. Kind of reminded me of the Britney Spears stint when she had that big grin on her face with electric razor in hand. Looks great, Chels! You got out unscathed (and from being on the news!)

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