SF, Your Indian Summer is Truly the Best!

Over the weekend, there was a Bonfire Session held on Treasure Island including two of my favorite bands (Geographer and the Dodos).  When someone forwarded me the event, I had my hoodie packed and was ready to go!  I grabbed some close friends and we headed out for an evening of free food, beer, music, and a priceless backdrop.  It became a perfect Sunday evening because it was warm and crystal clear out- the city skyline was beaming from the Island. I managed to snap a few photos in between my s’more scarfing; you can’t just have one! Take a look, I think the pictures do better justice than I ever could with words!

(When we first got to Treasure Island the view was so stunning we stopped to snap some photos.  Here is Em snapping some shots of the beautiful city)


(First to play was White Fence.  The back drop and stage couldn’t have been more beautiful)

 (My personal favorite, Geographer was amazing as always)

(More Geographer)

(The sunset while Geographer played was gorgeous)

(Perfect sundown)

 (Up next was Father John Misty.  He was hilarious in between songs, who knew?)

(Finishing the night was the Dodos.  I love their music so the four musicians were the more than perfect serenade to my Sunday)

(I LOVE these lights.  They were strung all throughout the bonfire grounds.)

(There really was a bonfire that everyone huddled around and made s’mores)

(San Francisco and the Bay Bridge sparkled throughout the night. It was simply amazing)

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