Perils of a Penny Pincher. Part 3

Conservatory of FlowersLife is great in the Golden Gate (Park)! I live two blocks from the entry to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and I couldn’t think of a better backyard to have. It is only a five minute walk to the Conservatory of Flowers which is this amazing building created for botany lovers. The weather was an outstanding 80+ degrees last week so my friend and I took full advantage as we went on a stroll through the park.

Conservatory of Flowers(The entrance to the Conservatory of Flowers)

Clock(There is a huge clock built  into the ground at the entrance, it reminds me of Disneyland)

Gate(There is a tunnel that leads to the other side of the park; it’s dark & spooky inside)

Stairs(The tunnel often has jazz bands playing for tourists on the weekends, the sound is awesome)

Tree Climb(There are huge trees in the area that are easy to climb up, you could relax and read a book!)

(Taking a shaded break from the heat)

Sunlight(The sun was peeking through the trees, it was so beautiful)

marigolds(The grounds are kept up nicely, brilliant foliage is everywhere)

shadows(Goofy shadows in the grass)

columns(These concrete columns line across a small bridge)

(This black bird reminded me that it is almost time for Halloween)

If you are not from San Francisco but are looking to visit, Golden Gate Park truly is magnificent. If you haven’t been before, you should go! You could get lost looking at all kinds of animals including live Buffalo!

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