NOLA Style

I love little details and quaint colors.  New Orleans is FULL of these things.  I had never been to Louisiana before but absolutely fell completely in love with the place over the past weekend.  I went out there for a friend’s wedding and just found myself wandering aimlessly in every direction I could.  It’s a place that everyone should see in their life for many reasons.  It’s all in the details, isn’t it darling?

(One of the most amazing parts of New Orleans is the music scene.  Performers were everywhere and there’s an area called the musicians village just for recording and a place for musical minds to come together)

(The colors everywhere were brilliant, especially in the stained glass all over town.  These two beautiful pieces were in my friend’s family home but stained glass is in the churches, on the streets, and in homes)

(Beads stay in the trees year round from Mardi Gras)

(The colors of the buildings and shutters were amazing.  I stopped to snap a photo in front of one of my favorites)

(I would like this to be my porch in downtown or uptown New Orleans)

(Have you ever seen midnight in Paris?  That’s what I felt like.  Just wandering the streets <the safe parts of course> and finding beautiful, inspiring things/places.  To the right is a free library!  Take or leave a book of your choice)


(Of course the infamous trolley and a detailed doorway)

(Classics never get old)


(Ceiling decor – I want these in my backyard!)

(I was part of a Second Line Parade for my friend Danielle’s Wedding!  It was a top 5 life experience, so incredible!)

(Drinking in public is completely acceptable and fun in New Orleans)

The colors, the people, the food, the sites, the music, and so much more are all to blame for stealing a piece of my heart this past weekend.  I have many more things to share about my time in NOLA including my food pics while in New Orleans!  What a wonderfully inspiring city, have you been?  What was your favorite thing about New Orleans?

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9 thoughts on “NOLA Style

  1. Yes, beautiful photos. I’ve always wanted to visit New Orleans, and hope to someday. Glad it was a top experience for you. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes!! I went to the Piano Bar at Pat O’Brien’s! I was nervous to bring my camera out at night but that place was insanely beautiful! So glad you know what I’m talking about 😀

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