Breaking Bayou

Maybe I should explain this a little bit more… When I was in Louisiana, I was dying to see some gators.  We don’t get to see them in CA and I feel like it’s such a Southern thing to go see Gators on the Bayou.  Of course you can sign up for Gator Tours at various places so my friend, Lauren, and I picked this tour based on the fact that we’d get to hold a gator on this specific tour.  Major win.  Why we would want to do this?  I don’t know except that I think it’s awesome!  We could not have guessed that they feed the gators what they call “swamp crack” which really means marshmallows… So does this mean I love swamp crack????  I guess so.  Anyway, they also eat fish and were fed chicken necks.  It’s a wide variety on the gator menu.

(Our tour was on an air boat!  It wasn’t as fast or exciting as I thought but none the less I still enjoyed it)

(The first sighting was actually a crane, not a gator which I don’t believe are a threat to these beautiful birds because they were everywhere)

(Then we started slinking back into the smaller channels to see what we could find..)

(The guide threw some swamp crack in the water and BOOM!  They started slinking out)

(The guide also pulled out some chicken necks to feed the gators and that’s when they really got cray.  Although the guide was very respectful and the gators were happy to have some fresh food they didn’t have to work for.)

(Yes, he kissed a wild gator)

(Ruh Roh, who’s going to win?)

(Ding, ding, ding!  The further away gator stole the swamp crack out from right under the other gator’s nose!  No fight necessary)

(So pleased with him or herself.  Look at that smile)

(More action!)

(Then Todd the two year old gator came out.  I can’t believe how small they are at two years old)

(Ohhh yeah, then I held the gator Todd.  Anti-climatic?)

(Once the sun started setting, I felt the peacefulness of the Louisiana bayou.  It’s really a beautiful, amazing place)

This gator farm tour was awesome and I’d do it again given the chance.  That’s a wrap for this episode of Breaking Bayou but you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be the last.  Maybe not always on a bayou but if it’s unique and telling of an area, I’ll be there for the experience.  Anyone else up for some swamp crack?!

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12 thoughts on “Breaking Bayou

      • Hi Brittany, I live in the coastal South Carolina area and go out to photograph birds and alligators several times a week. If you get a minute and want to check my photo blog you will see many posts featuring alligators (including today’s post) The catagory Alligators on the right side will bring up all the gator posts, and at the top there is a Alligator gallery with different pics that you can browse if ya want.
        See ya,

      • I tried yesterday and my computer froze on your site! Definitely going to check it out again now, can’t wait to see some gators!

  1. Crack is Whack! Awesome, Brittany! Although this gal loves adventure, I am pretty certain that I would be darn scared at the thought of sitting on a boat over these gators. Don’t think I could kiss one, but maybe throw them a treat. Nature is cool! Great job.

    • hehe crack IS whack!! I always look forward to your comments, Wendy – you crack me up and are always so kind! You know for some reason, these gators didn’t scare me but had I seen them hiss or something I would NOT have been cool with that 🙂

  2. Sorry the site froze on you Brit. Yesterday was a twitchy day on wordpress for some reason.
    It stopped liking IE so I switched to Firefox, then yesterday it stopped liking Firefox too but I could get it work more or less OK back on IE.
    Ya got me, I don’t know what’s going on. Oh well glad you got to see it today.

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