Chasing Shadows

Shadow 1Once in a while Britt and I will be trolling around the city during lunch looking for great places to take pictures at. We found this staircase about 2 blocks from our work and loved the way the sun hit the wall projecting brilliant shadows. My cousins had just given me this beautiful seafoam colored dress and it really popped against the red brick.

(Dancing on the walls)

Wall 3(I love the buttons on the dress and the collar too)

Seafoam Dress(I have an affinity for geometric shapes, it makes this dress seem very Mod)

Boots(My friend jokes that these boots were once owned by Blossom but they are my favorite)

hole(We found this hole peeking through the wall and decided to take a shot)

One thought on “Chasing Shadows

  1. Love it! Love the shot through the hole AND loved how I was able to click on “Blossom,” and boom! there she was 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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