Why Nail Art Sucks.

Nail FailLately we have been inspired by cool trendy nail art and we thought to ourselves, “that looks easy and cute, let’s do it!” So we did. Well, that was just stupid. But anyway, come on! Let’s show you how to do the same nail art at home!!

(This isn’t ours, not even close. Just some of the inspiration we were building from)

(First Britt started with white nails and started to paint thin black strips as lashes on her nail)

(The end result was…interesting. But she wore them like this for a couple of days anyway)

(This happened. While we were painting our nails, this guy was break dancing in the courtyard area. He provided the relief we needed from a frustrating nail painting experience)

(I started with this pretty shimmery silver that I should have left alone. Instead I thought painting my nail golden sparkly with a black cat eye slit down the middle would be better)

(Then to top it off I put a silver line down the middle… The end result was horrific)

All in all, leave the nail art to the professionals although we don’t know who that is. Because really, you did this yourself…really?

(Oooh, but this is soooo cute and looks easy enough, we will have to try it!)

4 thoughts on “Why Nail Art Sucks.

  1. Chelsea, you know me as being a classic red kind of girl. And ladies, the craziest I have gone astray from the red is doing black. The nail art seems too time consuming (and I am not one to get them done professionally.) and too messy. I haven’t tried the peel and stick ones though, maybe if I find them in the clearance bin at Target, I may give them a try. “A” for effort on your part though, I bet it made for a fun time. I did like the sparkles, Chelsea. And then the “eye” part that you added was kinda cool, but one slip up and it can look bad. Perhaps eating the whiskey cake and painting your nails may have been a funner option. Oh, and thanks for the break dance guy!

    • I know it, you love that cherry red and so do we! I really love that last leopard example, if I can find stick on’s, I will try it and let you know what happens. Britt has worn sparkly stick ons and they last a really long time and look great!!

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