Our City’s Champs.

World Series WinYou may have heard by now that we are the Champions! Not IFL silly, the San Francisco Giants! Our home team won the World Series after sweeping the Detroit Tigers and we were on the edge of our seats the whole time. It was an exciting series full of home runs, close calls, and men with tight butts. This is a short recap of the 2012 World Series as we saw it.

Pablo Sandoval(Pablo “Panda” Sandoval set the tone of what was to come- hitting 3 home runs in the first game alone! It was Panda-Monium!)

SF GIants(We’re no experts but this looks like a foul to us. SECURITY!)

Ryan Theriot(Ryan Theriot slid home to win the series. [Insert Crab Man here])

Crab Man(Crab Man officially inserted)

North Beach(North Beach, as well as the entire city, erupts in fireworks)

Brandon Crawford(Panda may have received the Post Season MVP trophy for his 3 home run game but we know who the real star is! Brandon Crawford, I mean, have you seen that butt? Someone should give him an award for that… might as well be us!)

Love or hate the Giants, you have to agree they earned the trophy or car or unicorn or whatever it is they win. With a 4 game sweep they made our little city by the Bay very proud! Til next season!

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