You May Say I’m A Dreamer.

Dreamboards are supposed to be these inspirational sheets you create to remind you of all the accomplishments that you want to have in your life. They sometimes remind you of who you want to be but always remind you of who you are not. Is that awful- looking at a board to remind yourself that you could be better? I understand that staring at a picture of a skinny girl in a bikini can motivate you to go to the gym but how long do you stare at it until you understand that this model you idealize is never going to be you? And honestly, that is a good thing. You should be happy with the skin that you are in because you are f@#*ing awesome.

I decided to make my own dream boards full of instances that will NEVER happen to me. But I can look at them and laugh at how ridiculous they seem and that makes me feel a whole lot better than wishing I was thinner, prettier, and perfect in every way.

Dreamboard #1: Out Of This World

Out of this world(I am riding a unicorn in outer space while Damon from the Vampire Diaries confesses his love for Elena on loop projected onto the galaxy. You’ve seen that episode, right? Oh, you haven’t? Don’t worry, it’s one click away- let’s watch it together right now. Oh, and the words “If you dream it..” are written in the sky because that seems fitting)

Dreamboard #2: Torn Between Love and Desire

(Ok, in this dreamboard, I am wearing a flowy citrine dress and am in Paris as it is pouring rain but I am totally dry. Weird, right? No, it’s my dreamboard so it is totally normal. Anyway, Robert Pattinson is floating in the sky. But not modern day Robert Pattinson, it is 2008 Robert Pattinson from the first Twilight movie when he was really hot. I am on my cell phone texting someone (probably Robert Pattinson) but then out of nowhere dangles these super cute blue shoes with little hearts on the toes. What do I do?! We’ll never know because I wake up from this dream before I get to the end. I hate that, don’t you?)

Dreamboard #3: Forbidden Fruit

(For my final dreamboard, I am part of a raccoon gang who perform dangerous cupcake heists. This is the crown jewel of all cupcakes though, it is golden and is said to give you the ability to create new fashion trends. But it is guarded by the recently gone viral “grumpy cat” and with one grumpy glare can cast you into fashion hell for all of eternity. Yes, a permanent fanny pack will grow out of your belly. The terror)

These dreamboards are silly, weird, and mean absolutely nothing. But always dream big and never settle for the norm because the great thing about being an individual is the ability to think differently and pursue your personal interests. And if you like dreamboards, make them! And if you like cupcakes, bake them! Just make sure you share them. With me.

10 thoughts on “You May Say I’m A Dreamer.

  1. I give you a lot of credit Chelsea for dreaming big. Monogrammed YSL luggage, mansion in Paris, brand new Lexus. Me? My dream board consists of donuts, apartment life, and a pair of keds. Nothing but a life a mediocrity. No unicorns for this girl! This way, if I get a bear claw for breakfast INSTEAD of a donut, then I know I am living the high life.

    Just kidding! Enjoyed the blog. Keep em coming, girls!!

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