It’s a Jungle Out There

It’s no secret that we are a couple of wild women taking this city by storm! People are always asking us how we stay so fierce all of the time and the answer is easy- Animal Prints! Animal prints don’t just look good on animals anymore, they look good on people too! We know, CrAzY! Take a look at some of our favorite things!

(This bag by Juicy Couture is the cat’s meow. Rawr!)

(This wallet is a small snap clutch that I scooped up in the BP section of Nordstrom)

(This puffy sleeved shirt was a steal at Forever 21)

(The compliments keep coming after I scored these velvet crops at Anne Taylor Loft this season)

(Showing my wild side in this cheetah print cardigan from Forever 21)

(Apparently we love cardigans and Chelsea rocks this adorable Anne Taylor Loft cheetah cardigan)

It’s an urban jungle out there people, so don’t try to fight it.  Get in your animal prints and get wild. IFF – It’s F@$*ing FRIDAY!

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