Dia de Los Muertos

In honor of this year’s Dia de Los Muertos we wanted to show some spirit and take part in the fashion side of it. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I jump at the chance to play dress up and express myself in that fun way. I also love art so much, Frida Kahlo is a favorite painter of mine because you can see the pain in her pieces; she doesn’t hide from it. Dia de Los Muertos mixes art and pain in one celebratory day. Death is often feared and not talked about but it is nice to see a culture celebrate those they have lost. It reminds me to cherish the people in my life and live with passion because one day we will be gone.

(I started my look with face paint I grabbed from the drugstore. I later added rhinestones while the paint was still wet)

(My floral skeleton attire was completed by a wreath I made earlier in the day, a white dress tucked into a bright orange skirt, and Brittany’s riding boots)

(A close up of the makeup and rhinestones)

It is a pretty simple look to pull off and I think the flower wreath lightens the somber mood a bit. We hope you had a great holiday and celebrated with those you love.

4 thoughts on “Dia de Los Muertos

  1. Chelsea, I saw a lot of great faces this year for Dia de Los Muertos, and yours is no exception. Yours is beautiful. I really LOVE your bottom lip white, with the top being black. Oh, and the wreath! The wreath is gorgeous – terrific colors! Great job!

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