Infinity Scarf Fail.

We had a few extra shirts lying around that we didn’t know what to do with and Brittany said we could make an infinity scarf out of them so we decided to give it a whirl. The results were astounding.

(First, start with two shirts that you think create a nice color combination)

(Cut straight across right under the collar)

(Waste not! You now have a slutbaggy crop top for the summertime! Nip slips, here we come!)

(Stretch out the portions that were cut so that you create longer pieces)

(Snip the ends and tie them together to create one long “O”)

(Wrap it around your neck twice and now you have a scraggly looking infinity scarf that you would never be caught dead in)

Do it yourself fail #1,254. Don’t do this at home. Just go to the Gap, they have super cute infinity scarves for $30. Spend the money otherwise you end up with a t-shirt wrapped around your head.

One thought on “Infinity Scarf Fail.

  1. Yep, sorry ladies. Looks like this one didn’t work out so well. Maybe thicker material, or better like you said. Go to the Gap.

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