Everyone Needs A Little Sanctuary.

One of the greatest things about California is that we have mission’s in some of the most beautiful cities. I have been to a handful and most recently visited the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa for the first time. It was a small mission but very beautiful- just like the rest. One of my goal’s is to visit all 21 of the missions in California someday!

(As stated above, this is the fifth mission of twenty-one. There is so much history in each of them, I love to think about what the people were like when they were first occupied)

(The grounds are not very ornate but the doors are heavy and bold)

(While these photos make the room appear dark, it is dimly lit by electric chandeliers)

(The outer grounds has beautiful foliage as well as this fountain where children and bears live in unity)

(I fell in love with the garden that has an old well and gorgeous plants)

(Grape vines lined the trellis’ above us as we walked through the garden)

(A detailed list of those who have served on the grounds resides in the garden)

I enjoyed walking through the mission and can’t wait to see more while I reside in California!

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