Art Store Inspiration

Yesterday, Brittany and I were harassing our local art store helper when in the midst of cracking our usual jokes, I had a really amazing idea for an earring holder I needed. Maybe you need one too?

(Start with some tacky glue, cork board, pretty nails, rhinestones (optional), awesome giraffe paper (not optional), and a shadowbox)

(Cut the cork board to fit the shadowbox and then cover it with the giraffe paper using the tacky glue)

(Take the giraffe covered cork board and place it into the shadowbox without the glass)

(Scatter the nails into the cork board)

(Hang your earrings, rings, and bracelets on the nails. You can also place the rhinestones on the ends of the nails if you would like)

(I am excited by the end result!)

I am always a fan of anything that looks cute and can keep me organized. It took about 30 minutes to do- it was pretty easy so I loved that as well!

7 thoughts on “Art Store Inspiration

  1. This is so cool! You guys should try making one with lace–I saw a few at the Ocean Beach farmers market, you don’t even need to add pegs and it looked really easy to make. Nothing like a little bit of lace to class it up.

  2. Well you know how I’m a sucker for spots, so you sold me. I’d probably use it to hang ninja stars on though, instead of earrings.

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