Traveling Forget Me Nots

We’ve been on the go A LOT this past month or two and there are some things that are must pack items.  We thought we’d share these things in case you have any trips coming up and need an easy check list of the random things that will screw you if you forget!

1. Eye Drops

(Being so high up in the air can really dry out your eyes so keeping this with you will help to ensure that you can keep your eyes open long enough to scout all the hotties on the plane)

2. Snack Bars

(You don’t want to turn into a crazy hungry person while you are squished in between two people on a place. And also bring an empty water canteen, I fill these up at the airport to save money)

3. Scarf/Beanie 

(Like these ones because you can also use them as a blanket- but leave the creepy mannequin at home)

4. Valuables

(This may seem like a no brainer but we have friends who have packed their laptops, cameras, etc in their checked baggage.  I’m not willing to risk it and you shouldn’t either!)

5. A cell phone charger

(Carry this one because you may run out of battery on the plane and then not be able to contact whoever may be picking you up)

6. Reading Glasses

(I don’t wear contacts, only glasses, but I’ve heard they get extremely uncomfortable when flying so bring your back up glasses.  Oh yeah and make ’em cute ones, you never know what kind of babes you will be sitting next to on the plane.)

When packing for the holidays, we like to be prepared because things get crazy as it is.  We hope this list will help you when preparing to travel next time.  Writing out a list is always helpful when preparing for a trip.  Crossing things off is a good feeling of accomplishment before you’ve even begun your journey!

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