1 Shirt, 2 Looks.

My roomie was cleaning out her closet and gave me a shirt that I just love! Lately it has been feeling a bit like Antarctica in San Francisco so this short sleeved tee won’t cut it on it’s own. But that is the beauty of layering, you can essentially have two outfits in one day. I am all about wardrobe changes because I have found that the people (my fans and followers…my co-workers…okay, no one) are always asking me bring in multiple outfits because it just pleases them so. No, that doesn’t happen. I just like to switch it up because I wanna- take a look at how easy it is!

(Here is the shirt in all of it’s glory)

(The collar allows me to spice it up a bit as it peeks through the sweater in the next simple look)

(Voila! Throw a cropped sweater over it and you are instantly super preppy)

Throwing a sweater over anything is pretty easy to do but the key is to have a collar with a print you like because that is going to add the contrast that makes your outfit more interesting and fun.

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