Traveling Forget Me Nots

We’ve been on the go A LOT this past month or two and there are some things that are must pack items.  We thought we’d share these things in case you have any trips coming up and need an easy check list of the random things that will screw you if you forget!

1. Eye Drops

(Being so high up in the air can really dry out your eyes so keeping this with you will help to ensure that you can keep your eyes open long enough to scout all the hotties on the plane)

2. Snack Bars

(You don’t want to turn into a crazy hungry person while you are squished in between two people on a place. And also bring an empty water canteen, I fill these up at the airport to save money)

3. Scarf/Beanie 

(Like these ones because you can also use them as a blanket- but leave the creepy mannequin at home)

4. Valuables

(This may seem like a no brainer but we have friends who have packed their laptops, cameras, etc in their checked baggage.  I’m not willing to risk it and you shouldn’t either!)

5. A cell phone charger

(Carry this one because you may run out of battery on the plane and then not be able to contact whoever may be picking you up)

6. Reading Glasses

(I don’t wear contacts, only glasses, but I’ve heard they get extremely uncomfortable when flying so bring your back up glasses.  Oh yeah and make ’em cute ones, you never know what kind of babes you will be sitting next to on the plane.)

When packing for the holidays, we like to be prepared because things get crazy as it is.  We hope this list will help you when preparing to travel next time.  Writing out a list is always helpful when preparing for a trip.  Crossing things off is a good feeling of accomplishment before you’ve even begun your journey!

Art Store Inspiration

Yesterday, Brittany and I were harassing our local art store helper when in the midst of cracking our usual jokes, I had a really amazing idea for an earring holder I needed. Maybe you need one too?

(Start with some tacky glue, cork board, pretty nails, rhinestones (optional), awesome giraffe paper (not optional), and a shadowbox)

(Cut the cork board to fit the shadowbox and then cover it with the giraffe paper using the tacky glue)

(Take the giraffe covered cork board and place it into the shadowbox without the glass)

(Scatter the nails into the cork board)

(Hang your earrings, rings, and bracelets on the nails. You can also place the rhinestones on the ends of the nails if you would like)

(I am excited by the end result!)

I am always a fan of anything that looks cute and can keep me organized. It took about 30 minutes to do- it was pretty easy so I loved that as well!

Everyone Needs A Little Sanctuary.

One of the greatest things about California is that we have mission’s in some of the most beautiful cities. I have been to a handful and most recently visited the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa for the first time. It was a small mission but very beautiful- just like the rest. One of my goal’s is to visit all 21 of the missions in California someday!

(As stated above, this is the fifth mission of twenty-one. There is so much history in each of them, I love to think about what the people were like when they were first occupied)

(The grounds are not very ornate but the doors are heavy and bold)

(While these photos make the room appear dark, it is dimly lit by electric chandeliers)

(The outer grounds has beautiful foliage as well as this fountain where children and bears live in unity)

(I fell in love with the garden that has an old well and gorgeous plants)

(Grape vines lined the trellis’ above us as we walked through the garden)

(A detailed list of those who have served on the grounds resides in the garden)

I enjoyed walking through the mission and can’t wait to see more while I reside in California!

Our Alter Egos Raise Hell.

I think by now you have figured out that we are just a couple of normal girls who like to laugh and have fun. But when we rummaged through the post Halloween sale bins and scored some crazy lookin’ wigs things really changed for us. We enlisted the help of Shannon to bring to life our alter egos! We took on different personas for the day and I must say, we haven’t laughed this hard in a while! So take a look and let us know what you think of our transformation!

(From day to night- we slipped into character mode rather easily!)

(Shannon’s alter ego seduces the camera as she sunbathes with her bottle of wine)

(Don’t drink and clean, it’s a miracle I didn’t end up in the pool with those heels)

(Brittany looked amazing as an indie-rocker-poet-Daria-look-a-like)

(This is what friends are for, right?)

(You wouldn’t know it but after this photo was taken but we all ended up in tears after Brittany sang us an amazing song she had just penned. It was called “Imagine.” Wait a damn minute…)

While we loved playing dress up for the day and acting the fool, I think we decided that our normal girl looks suit us best. But you never know when our alter egos might come out next!

Infinity Scarf Fail.

We had a few extra shirts lying around that we didn’t know what to do with and Brittany said we could make an infinity scarf out of them so we decided to give it a whirl. The results were astounding.

(First, start with two shirts that you think create a nice color combination)

(Cut straight across right under the collar)

(Waste not! You now have a slutbaggy crop top for the summertime! Nip slips, here we come!)

(Stretch out the portions that were cut so that you create longer pieces)

(Snip the ends and tie them together to create one long “O”)

(Wrap it around your neck twice and now you have a scraggly looking infinity scarf that you would never be caught dead in)

Do it yourself fail #1,254. Don’t do this at home. Just go to the Gap, they have super cute infinity scarves for $30. Spend the money otherwise you end up with a t-shirt wrapped around your head.

Blue Jean Baby.

So, I got this crazy idea in my head that I needed a pair of acid washed jeans and I needed them now. So, I took a pair of cheap Forever 21 skinnies and decided to go to town with some bleach. The following is actual photos of what took place. Proceed and mimic with caution.

(Start with a pair of jeans that you won’t mind ruining because let’s face it, I expected to ruin these. Oh, and put some makeup on for God’s sake and would it kill you to brush your hair?!)

(Take rubberbands or hair ties and twist them around sections of your jeans)

(Add 5 parts water, 2 parts bleach to a bucket)

(Submerge your jeans in the bleach-water mixture for about 45 minutes. Turn a few times as well)

(Once your jeans have gotten to the desired color, untie all of the sections)

(Rinse out all of the bleach with cold water. Then *THIS IS IMPORTANT* wash with cold water and NO detergent. Throw into the dryer once the cold cycle is finished)

(Voila! You have a fresh pair of acid washed jeans)

(HURRAY! I am pretty excited with the outcome, there is even a heart on my butt!)

These are pretty funky and were super easy to make. If you are looking for an easy activity on the weekend, this is a good one. My jeans  came out way better than expected, I will definitely be wearing them on weekends and at an upcoming 90’s party!

Why Do Guys Like Crazies?!

We started noticing an undeniable trend- men we knew had a long history of dating crazy people. Maybe we had a bit of that same past too and wanted to see if there was any reasoning behind it all. We decided to create our first Blideo* (Blog+Video) which is not to be confused with a Vlog (Video+Blog) because they’re totally different. Take a look because our evidence is just f@#%ing all over the place.

*Blideo naming rights, credit, and royalties belong to one Rabbit.

Dia de Los Muertos

In honor of this year’s Dia de Los Muertos we wanted to show some spirit and take part in the fashion side of it. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I jump at the chance to play dress up and express myself in that fun way. I also love art so much, Frida Kahlo is a favorite painter of mine because you can see the pain in her pieces; she doesn’t hide from it. Dia de Los Muertos mixes art and pain in one celebratory day. Death is often feared and not talked about but it is nice to see a culture celebrate those they have lost. It reminds me to cherish the people in my life and live with passion because one day we will be gone.

(I started my look with face paint I grabbed from the drugstore. I later added rhinestones while the paint was still wet)

(My floral skeleton attire was completed by a wreath I made earlier in the day, a white dress tucked into a bright orange skirt, and Brittany’s riding boots)

(A close up of the makeup and rhinestones)

It is a pretty simple look to pull off and I think the flower wreath lightens the somber mood a bit. We hope you had a great holiday and celebrated with those you love.

It’s a Jungle Out There

It’s no secret that we are a couple of wild women taking this city by storm! People are always asking us how we stay so fierce all of the time and the answer is easy- Animal Prints! Animal prints don’t just look good on animals anymore, they look good on people too! We know, CrAzY! Take a look at some of our favorite things!

(This bag by Juicy Couture is the cat’s meow. Rawr!)

(This wallet is a small snap clutch that I scooped up in the BP section of Nordstrom)

(This puffy sleeved shirt was a steal at Forever 21)

(The compliments keep coming after I scored these velvet crops at Anne Taylor Loft this season)

(Showing my wild side in this cheetah print cardigan from Forever 21)

(Apparently we love cardigans and Chelsea rocks this adorable Anne Taylor Loft cheetah cardigan)

It’s an urban jungle out there people, so don’t try to fight it.  Get in your animal prints and get wild. IFF – It’s F@$*ing FRIDAY!

You May Say I’m A Dreamer.

Dreamboards are supposed to be these inspirational sheets you create to remind you of all the accomplishments that you want to have in your life. They sometimes remind you of who you want to be but always remind you of who you are not. Is that awful- looking at a board to remind yourself that you could be better? I understand that staring at a picture of a skinny girl in a bikini can motivate you to go to the gym but how long do you stare at it until you understand that this model you idealize is never going to be you? And honestly, that is a good thing. You should be happy with the skin that you are in because you are f@#*ing awesome.

I decided to make my own dream boards full of instances that will NEVER happen to me. But I can look at them and laugh at how ridiculous they seem and that makes me feel a whole lot better than wishing I was thinner, prettier, and perfect in every way.

Dreamboard #1: Out Of This World

Out of this world(I am riding a unicorn in outer space while Damon from the Vampire Diaries confesses his love for Elena on loop projected onto the galaxy. You’ve seen that episode, right? Oh, you haven’t? Don’t worry, it’s one click away- let’s watch it together right now. Oh, and the words “If you dream it..” are written in the sky because that seems fitting)

Dreamboard #2: Torn Between Love and Desire

(Ok, in this dreamboard, I am wearing a flowy citrine dress and am in Paris as it is pouring rain but I am totally dry. Weird, right? No, it’s my dreamboard so it is totally normal. Anyway, Robert Pattinson is floating in the sky. But not modern day Robert Pattinson, it is 2008 Robert Pattinson from the first Twilight movie when he was really hot. I am on my cell phone texting someone (probably Robert Pattinson) but then out of nowhere dangles these super cute blue shoes with little hearts on the toes. What do I do?! We’ll never know because I wake up from this dream before I get to the end. I hate that, don’t you?)

Dreamboard #3: Forbidden Fruit

(For my final dreamboard, I am part of a raccoon gang who perform dangerous cupcake heists. This is the crown jewel of all cupcakes though, it is golden and is said to give you the ability to create new fashion trends. But it is guarded by the recently gone viral “grumpy cat” and with one grumpy glare can cast you into fashion hell for all of eternity. Yes, a permanent fanny pack will grow out of your belly. The terror)

These dreamboards are silly, weird, and mean absolutely nothing. But always dream big and never settle for the norm because the great thing about being an individual is the ability to think differently and pursue your personal interests. And if you like dreamboards, make them! And if you like cupcakes, bake them! Just make sure you share them. With me.