University of San Francisco

At night San Francisco really lights up so we decided that we would walk around our neighborhood and document some of the beautiful parts that we get to see every night. University of San Francisco is close by and the front of the school is illuminated so brilliantly that it is hard not to be mesmerized by it. In our first of a new series we will be calling “Night-Timing” we are going to show you the campus of the University of San Francisco. We will let the pictures speak for themselves.











There you have it, the University of San Francisco at night. It’s actually very lively, students were walking around us the entire time and there was even a family of raccoons that scared the living sh*t out of us (me). It was an awesome walk and a very beautiful campus that I am so lucky to live near.

5 thoughts on “Night-Timing.

      • I wouldn’t call it a city, just a little town, but I guess one with a lot of history, but the best thing we’ve got is a ruined castle and an old church with a cannonball hole in it from the civil war, so I guess it’s not as bad I think, but I’ve seen it everyday for 39 years! London is great, but too noisy for me, I’ll take my quiet little town any day.

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