Take me to the ‘Mo!

Last month my entire family went out to Texas to see my brother graduate from pilot school.  This took place in a very southern point in Texas but we flew out of San Antonio when heading home.  On our last day, my mom and I decided to explore the town and take photos of what we found.  It was a great adventure and goes to show Texas has some gems.  (The above was taken outside of the Alamo)

IMG_4774(Finding our way around the Alamo)

IMG_4811(This guy wasn’t messing around.  Total babe.)





IMG_4798(My mom and I)

IMG_4805(The gardens)



IMG_4794(So beautiful)



IMG_4825(After wondering around the Alamo, we proceeded through the downtown streets and Riverwalk of San Antonio)

IMG_4852(I love interesting lights and architecture)

IMG_4853(The Riverwalk is a big touristy area to explore)

IMG_4848(I loved this huge ivy wall)



IMG_4835(Goofing around at the wax museums morphing mirrors)

IMG_4836(My kind of wind chime)


IMG_4828(A Texas trolley!)



IMG_4839(Gearing up for a Texas Christmas)

Texas was a great time and I’m so proud of my brother.  Contrary to popular belief there aren’t saloons with horse tie up posts everywhere.  And no, cowboys aren’t running for cover from miscellaneous bullets that are straying from various shoot outs.  It’s just a place to go check out some history and enjoy a different city’s character.

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9 thoughts on “Take me to the ‘Mo!

  1. You got some great shots there, Miss Britney! Used to live in Austin, way back in the day and have been to San Antonio. Never to the Alamo though. Love Texas, so much to do, so much to see – they have it all.

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