Parisian Style.


I recently returned from the most amazing trip to France and have been truly inspired by the culture, art, and most importantly fashion! I got a few cute pieces for Christmas this year and felt that they fit Parisian living fairly well. Allow me to try to bring out the French in this San Francisco girl.

Calvin Klein Beret(My mom got me this cute studded Calvin Klein beret before my trip. It accessorizes this outfit)

Bebe dress(My aunt and cousins got me this Bebe dress and gothic style lace jacket. I took off the beret in order to wear this all together. Parisians love to layer but you don’t want to over do it)

gothic jacket(This jacket reminds me of the gothic architecture in Paris, it is very pretty)

gothic close up(close up of the lace)

Jacket(As I mentioned before, in the Winter French girls simply layer and wear tights and jackets. They don’t dress too bulky at all even if it is very cold outside. This is a thin jacket my mom gave me for Christmas and a new pair of San Marina shoes I picked up in the St. Michel shopping district of Paris)

San Francisco(Lunch is over, back to work!)

I look forward to sharing my trip with you soon!

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