Love in Paris.

VersaillesEveryone said that I would love France but no one ever said I would fall in love with it. How could someone love a city so much? I had never been to Europe before and I am so glad I went on this trip, it absolutely changed my life for the better. For my first France post, I want to share a few photos that mean “love” to me.

Paris Candy(Everywhere I turned were perfectly wrapped candy and treats, something I love no matter where I am!)

DSC_0528(Along the same lines these macaroon cookies are delicious; I always had a purse full at all times!)

love lock bridge(My friend told me about the Pont des Arts where couples “lock” their love to the chain links and throw the keys into the water below as a romantic gesture)

DSC_0347(I surprised Nick with a lock that I had brought from the states. Our lock faces the Eiffel Tower)

DSC_0601(A literal take on love)

After this trip I love a lot of things even more than I thought I ever could: buildings, cookies, padlocks, and an amazing city with so much fiery history. But most of all one bearded man.

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