Got Me Sprung.

Spring can’t come soon enough for us! This brisk Winter weather is becoming a bit annoying in San Francisco! Every time we go outside we have to add about 3 inches of layers, we are over it. I recently took a look at what can be expected in stores for Spring and I am loving what I am seeing; I just can’t wait to get into these trends!

Stripes (I love stripes, especially when they can be brought into something elegant!)

neon(Neon is back in full force, this beautiful dress is a bit risqué but I dig it)

white(I love adding white back into my wardrobe; this long sleeved baby doll dress is adorable)

accessories(Chunky & vibrant necklaces are the perfect accessory to any simple outfit)

orange lips(Orange lips are one of my favorite makeup trends in a while)

Let’s not get it twisted, not all of Spring styles are worthy of a wear. Here are some styles we are skipping.

skipping(The globetrotting trend looks like a bit much to us. Window slits are not cute. And leather fringe? No, thanks!)

We can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit so that we can wear baby doll dresses, bright colors, and put flowers in our hair.

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