Terracotta Warriors.

photo (6)San Francisco is lucky enough to have the Terracotta Warrior’s visiting the Asian Art Museum for the next couple of months. I never thought I would have the opportunity to see them in person and I am so thankful I did, they are magnificent!

Tile(The beginning of the exhibit has artifacts that are over 2,000 years old!)

horse bells(These are some bells that horses would wear around their necks)

helmet(This helmet is made up of 80+ carefully carved limestone tiles)

Terracotta Warrior(Each Warrior was life-size, they say there are close to 6,000 in total!)

Terracotta Warriors(There are even life-size horses, helping the First Emperor in his afterlife)

terracotta warrior(Each piece was carefully painted before they were buried. Now, all that is left is the amber color of the terracotta but I still find them beautiful)

To find out more about how you can experience this special exhibit and learn more about the Qin Dynasty, China’s First Emperor, and the amazing Terracotta Warriors go here!

PoP Tart My Heart!

Pop Tart

I think you can tell by now that we love to bake and create delicious things. Problem is, I am a terrible baker so I need to be creative about how I make things. This recipe was told to me by my hair stylist, she is the ultimate baker. It is so easy and even more yummy, try it this weekend!

Kiwi Fruit(Start by chopping up some of your favorite fruit or you could use a pre-made preserve)

Croissant crust(We laid out some of the Pillsbury croissant dough and layered the fruit mix on top of it)

homemade pop tart(Place another piece of croissant dough on top and seal with the edge of a fork)

Pop Tart(Cook according to dough instructions. Immediately top with some frosting and sprinkles!)

Pop Tart

Treat yourself to this simple and yummy treat! I must say they didn’t last long between the two of us!

But With You, I Feel Again.

MountainsThe video and band that Brittany was referring to yesterday was for One Republic’s “Feel Again”. Getting to see all of the work that goes into a music video shoot was really cool even if we were too diva to stay long enough to see the filming happen. Film until 5 AM?! Some of us have got to work, we can’t be frolicking in the Oakland hills until the sun comes back up! But part of me wishes we had, it was one of those once in a lifetime experiences. Anyway, here is what I wore.

feel again(Dress and Jacket- Forever 21, Shoes- Britt’s riding boots that I am obsessed with)

one republic(The wardrobe people didn’t ask to change one thing about  the looks we had picked)


(I like this look because it mixes hard with soft)


IMG_7237By removing the jacket, you get a more feminine look. I think the key to any interesting outfit is layering. Sometimes adding pieces that you don’t think will look good together is a risk you should take. That is what fashion is all about, not being afraid to take a chance to come up with something unique.

Check out the final video here:

I Was A Lonely Soul But That’s The Old Me.


I can’t deny that ever since I met Chelsea, the most interesting events have happened to us.  One day I got a call from a friend asking if we would be interested in being in a music video being filmed in the bay area.  Of course we said yes!  We LOVE music and producing and/or being a part of creative content (hence the blog).  We didn’t know many details about it including who or what the video was even for but sent our info to the right place and BOOM!  We started receiving emails about the “secret” locations and what our wardrobe was supposed to look like.  The most fun we had though was trying to nail down the outfits.  This was in our email about what to try to dress as:

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 10.29.14 AM

They also sent this photo to try to show us what the wardrobe guidelines were supposed to turn out like:

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 10.36.08 AM

We were a little confused but excited by the challenge!  So we dressed up and headed to set.  Although, getting to set was also extremely fun.  We were given a secret location and a map and told to show up around midnight.

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 10.38.27 AM

This place was awesome.  The views of San Francisco were beautiful and it was like driving through a forest.  Once we got to the location was the best part.  My friend who works on music video concepts for a label took us around and introduced us to all the people that make these things happen.  We ended up at wardrobe where they had racks and racks of clothing for the shoot.  It was heaven.  Then we got in line with the other people there for wardrobe.  It seems we were the only ones who took the wardrobe guidelines to heart and tried to dress up.  They were dressing everyone else and changing their outfits. Finally, we got to the stylist where they looked us up and down and claimed – great!  We had nailed the look.  And here were our outfits, or at least mine.  Chelsea’s will be up tomorrow so make sure to check back!

IMG_7189(Forever 21 dress, Litter leg garter, Steve Madden combat boots, and glam Kat Von D lipstick)

IMG_7193(For the actual shoot we disheveled our hair and put twigs in it, they really liked that touch)



IMG_0984This was actually us AFTER we got home from the shoot.  So much fun to be around all of the hustle and bustle.  We found out once we started getting emails that the shoot was for One Republic’s new song and you know, the song hadn’t been released yet so we had no idea what it was.  It’s one of both of our favorites now.  We had both had a crazy last year and now are so much better for it which I feel is the point of the song.  Check back tomorrow for Chelsea’s wardrobe ace and a link to the video!

February Showers Bring February Florals

Although I tend to love wearing black because it’s more flattering, I do tend to also love bright colors and especially floral prints.  Since the weather has been so nice lately here in San Francisco, it’s easy to embrace Spring before it arrives.  Who says you can’t wear a skirt in the winter?

IMG_7116(Loving the Nordstrom Brass Plum necklaces they have right now)

IMG_7119(Love my dark purple pumps, they were actually hand-me-downs from my frover Chels 🙂 )

IMG_7122(Uneven cardigan length is like a mullet – business in front, party in the back)

IMG_7118(I even stepped on the wild side and added some cheetah print in with the floral print)


Happy Friday everyone!  Have a great weekend 😀

Paint Pastel Princess

pastel outfitSpring is on it’s way and with the arrival comes pastel in our closets! I am super excited about this trend because my favorite shades of colors are always light, I think it looks better with my pale skin. See this simple look we put together, I wore something very similar to work the other day!

teal shirt(Shirt- Forever 21, Purse- Urban Outfitters, Earrings- Forever 21)

pastel shirt close up(Snap detail, I love this alternative to buttons!)

Earrings(These earrings are flashy in an understated way- the light blue color tones it down)

Franco Sarto shoes(Shoes- Franco Sarto. These are so comfy and soft, I love the feel of these kitten heels)

outfitThis look is simple and easy to pull off, just don’t be afraid to mix your colors!

Braided Top Knot


It’s hard to have a cute up-do that’s fun and sophisticated.  One day I had my hair in a pony tail and wanted to add something to it.  Not have just a typical bun or pony tail.  So I braided and twirled and ended up with this easy to do bun!

IMG_70851. Start with a regular pony tail

IMG_70842. Separate strands to start braid

IMG_70833. Braid hair until 1 or 2 inches from the ends of your hair

IMG_70824. Twirl braid around the base of your pony tail

IMG_70815. Tuck the ends of the braid under one of the elastic loops holding your pony tail

IMG_70796. Pin any crazy, out of control pieces down unless you like how they look

IMG_70777. Voila!  Scope it, so easy.

Nail Art – Sticker Edition

The new rage in nail art is stickers that can last up to 2 weeks on your nail. They are awesome because they don’t chip or damage your nail. I decided to give one a try after finding a sticker that I didn’t think was too loud.

loreal nail art(I began with a light shade of polish- OPI “Mod-ern” and L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Nail Lingerie stickers)

nail art(After painting my nail, I applied the sticker to the top and filed the edges off)

nail art(Voila! The end result is pretty nice. I definitely see sparkles in the sun!)


(Brittany gave these a try from Forever 21, they were only $1.80!)


(They look pretty good! And they have some tiny rhinestones in them to add texture)

All in all, we are digging the stickers! So far it has been 6 days and they have yet to chip or flake! That is more than I can say for some of the professional manicures I have gotten. Some don’t last more than 6 hours!

Do The Harlem Shake

Our friends at the Fernando & Greg Morning Show invited us to be a part of their hilarious video recreating the Harlem Shake sensation! The formula is very simple and it is always the same- one person starts the dance solo and once the beat drops, the place fills up with crazy people dancing in silly outfits. We had a lot of fun, check it out and make sure you make it to the end to see the blooper! Oh yeah, Chelsea is wearing the blue wig and Britt is in the rainbow hat with the heart sweater!

If You Can’t Take The Heat…

Nick gave me a cooking class for my birthday this year and I must say that has been the best birthday gift I have ever gotten (expect for life, from my mom). It was so much fun, we got to take the class with about 12 other people who were just as excited to be there as we were.

chef jordan(Our teacher, Jordan, used to work at Gary Danko in the city- so you know he’s good!)

sea scallops(Our first dish was an amazing scallop dish. It was my favorite of the night!)

cooking class(What class is complete without wine?)

onions(We learned basic knife skills, like how to chop an onion in about 10 seconds!)

risotto balls(Nick placing our Arancini on the cooking sheet)

arancini(Finished product: Arancini (fried risotto balls) and home made marinara. DELICIOUS!)

chocolate mousse(For dessert, an amazing chocolate mousse with sea salt and dark chocolate bits)

I can’t say enough good things about Jordan’s Kitchen. If you are a local and looking for a great time, go! But he does sell out quick so plan in advance!