She Bangs!

BangsWell, I bit the bullet and got bangs! It’s been a fun change and I am enjoying the reactions I am getting- mostly people trying to figure out what I have changed about my hair or even who I am. Zooey Deschanel brought bangs back from hibernation and made them for adults again!

bangs(Dress-Urban Outfitters, Necklace-Forever 21)IMG_7178(Earrings-Forever 21)

IMG_7174(Heels-Urban Outfitters, Tan-All mine, baby!)

I think my hairstylist did a bang up job, don’t you?

11 thoughts on “She Bangs!

      • Oh, and by the way – when people look at you with that look and wonder what is different about you, just tell them one of two things. 1. That you switched to contacts. 2. You shaved your mustache 🙂
        Yes!! Loving the bangs on you. Your hair also looks a little darker too!

  1. Go it…. you have bangs. excellent. but what about the rest of us who want to see office video footage. what’s wrong with you two? we want video. we want video. we want video

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