But With You, I Feel Again.

MountainsThe video and band that Brittany was referring to yesterday was for One Republic’s “Feel Again”. Getting to see all of the work that goes into a music video shoot was really cool even if we were too diva to stay long enough to see the filming happen. Film until 5 AM?! Some of us have got to work, we can’t be frolicking in the Oakland hills until the sun comes back up! But part of me wishes we had, it was one of those once in a lifetime experiences. Anyway, here is what I wore.

feel again(Dress and Jacket- Forever 21, Shoes- Britt’s riding boots that I am obsessed with)

one republic(The wardrobe people didn’t ask to change one thing about  the looks we had picked)


(I like this look because it mixes hard with soft)


IMG_7237By removing the jacket, you get a more feminine look. I think the key to any interesting outfit is layering. Sometimes adding pieces that you don’t think will look good together is a risk you should take. That is what fashion is all about, not being afraid to take a chance to come up with something unique.

Check out the final video here:

6 thoughts on “But With You, I Feel Again.

  1. So, that was filmed just recently and it’s done?! wow! Looks like a fun time and yes, beautiful. Still love your bangs!

    • Yes, it was 6 months ago I think. It was REALLY cool to see all of the lights but alas there was a lot of complications getting those to work correctly and that delayed filming a lot. I am still digging to bangs too!!

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