Devil Those Eggs.

IMG_7757Who doesn’t love a good deviled egg???  It’s one of my favorite dishes at Easter time and any other time of year!  My mom makes a mean deviled egg and while I was helping her prepare some dishes the other day, she let me take control of finalizing these bad boys.  I know it sounds silly but it’s hard to make a deviled egg look delicious and delicate.  Normally, we just splatter the filling inside because at the end of day they are just going to our bellies anyway!  This time, I tried a few new things to go for more of a presentation and this is what I came up with.


IMG_7750(Put the filling in a plastic bag and cut off a small piece of the corner.  This way you can squeeze a pre-meditated mound on the egg white)

IMG_7751(Things get messy.  It’s all part of the fun!)


IMG_7756(After the filling has filled all of the eggs, I sprinkled small amounts of Paprika and Sea Salt to finalize these Easter eggs)

Gobble, gobble.  These were gone very fast once we put them out for dinner.  My mom has a lot of tricks up her sleeve when it comes to cooking and baking.  I know whatever it is she is making, I’m going to want some of it.  These deviled eggs are definitely one of her gems.

Happy Easter, from me and Chels!

Adventure Round Up – Moke Hill

IMG_7790My dad had the idea of an adventure he could take me and my step mom on this past Sunday.  We were all for it and hopped in the car with him.  They have a second property out in a very small town where they will retire some day.  It’s nestled in a handful of very small, quaint towns.  One of them is Mokelumne Hill, better known as Moke Hill.  My dad had seen an episode of Hotel Impossible that featured a remodel of the only hotel in the town so he wanted to go see it and have lunch there.  I’d have to say it was one of the best burgers I have EVER had!  After lunch, we grabbed some ice cream and ventured the small street while I snapped some photos.  If you’re looking for a fun drive/day trip, this is the place.


IMG_7776(Hotel Leger)

photo(Enjoying lunch on the deck!)







IMG_7808(Classic small down for motorcycle rides and ice cream)

IMG_7846(Then we headed down to Moke River which is beautiful)


IMG_7841(My step mom and I enjoying the beautiful river)

IMG_7847(I can’t explain how beautiful I think Spring is)

IMG_7848(The beautiful back roads)

This day trip made for a great drive and time spent together.  Mokelumne Hill is a small hidden gem tucked away in the foothills.  Check it out if you are ever nearby!

Feature Artist: Delta Rae.

My friend Liz is in this amazing band, Delta Rae. And I have been meaning to write about them for a while because while their sound it kind of folky, it is super unique and they are one of my favorite bands to see live. Today was the first time that I saw their video for one of my favorite songs called “If I Loved You”. I love it and to make it even better Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac helped out with some guitar elements.

delta rae(You can see Britt and I watching the band play at Cafe du Nord in the Castro about a year ago)

They have been experiencing some major success like performing on Jay Leno, Conan, and being a featured artist on VH1. I just have to share this video with you. Please take a few minutes to watch it, I know you will love it too!

Brighten Up & Work It Out.

Spring is here and that means hot pink work out clothes are where it’s at! I mean, I don’t work out too much but when I do, I like to make sure I am wearing something that stands out.

1- Jump Around(Test your shoes out and make sure they have a spring in their step!)

2-Pink Shoes(Hot pink Reebok’s are a must!)



(Always make sure you get a good stretch in)


The weather is finally starting to get warm and it’s a great time to soak up the sun anyway you want to. Whether it’s a long walk or a short run, it’s important to get that vitamin D!

Spring Has Sprung.

IMG_7771I can’t even pretend that Spring has not got me sprung.  The taste of the warm weather has never felt better.  I love winter but when the warm weather sneaks up on you, it’s nice to embrace it.  Along with the nice weather, brings the flowers that are starting to pop up everywhere.  The colors are brilliant and the sky tends to match.  Welcome Spring!








Now that Spring is here, it’s time to explore new territories and enjoy the fresh air.  Happy Spring everyone!

Almost Famous.

IMG_7060You can’t not watch Almost Famous and think about how you’d love to channel Penny Lane.  She plays such a bold, free, and sensitive character while at the same time keeping up with the fashion Joneses.  You really only need a few simple things to bring a Penny Lane outfit to life.  Grab some wide leg denim, a sparkly tank, some good shades, and a fur jacket or sweater.  This sweater I found in a sale bin at the Limited for $1.99… I can’t even believe what a steal it was!

IMG_7062(These Forever21 mod heels are great for this)


Fur, sequins, and some flared denim are all you really need to channel Penny Lane for the every day look.  Happy Friday everyone!

Fashion Feature – Jonathan from Style Over Stress

p1050706We are always posting about women’s fashion and have been wanting to feature some amazing men’s fashion for a while.  However, never have we ever been inspired to feature someone until we came across Style Over Stress.  The creator and author, Jonathan, is constantly looking beyond fabulous and effortless.  We couldn’t help but share what we think men’s fashion should be all about: bold, classic, and fashion forward.

burgundy(Men’s accessories when done right, can be just the added touch to an outfit.  We love this ring and belt for men’s accessories!)



Whether dressed up or casual, we like Jonathan’s style so much we decided to create a new segment to our blog (Fashion Feature).  He’s always posting great menswear posts and has a great eye.  Check out Style Over Stress for more great men’s fashion!

If There’s A Future, We Want It.

IFL and Paramore

Yesterday we got the chance to meet Paramore and we had a blast. They were a lot of fun and super nice! We were reminded of so many reasons why we love Hayley Williams! With their fourth album coming up this April, we thought we’d break down our favorite looks of Haley’s.

Hayley-Williams Natural(This is a super natural look that highlights her beautiful features)

hayley_williams(Hot pink lipstick adds some color to her porcelain skin)

Hayley Williams(Her lashes add some glam to her signature red hair)

Hayley Nylon(Don’t forget to catch Hayley on the cover of our favorite magazine, Nylon this June/July!)

( We love this song that will be the next single on the upcoming album “Still Into You”)

She’s a breath of fresh air and ultra talented. It’s nice to reminded that you can have it all!

Napa Valley Weekend

This weekend Nick took me to Napa for a very relaxing getaway! We ate a ton of great food, drank delicious wines, and took in the sun- it was the perfect weekend!

napa(The weather was absolutely perfect, I could not have asked for anything better)Westin Napa

(We stayed at the Westin Napa, it was so pretty and the spa was amazing!)

Trefethen(We sampled a few wines from Trefethen Winery. They were so friendly and it felt like we were in a cellar)

Vineyard Napa(Trefethen vineyard property)

Bottega Restaurant(Lastly we had an amazing meal at Bottega. Everything was delicious and the interior was beautiful)

napa wine train(While we didn’t take the Wine Train, it looked very cute!)

We are so lucky to have such a gorgeous backyard! Just another reason I love living in Northern California! If you are ever in the area, you have to do a Napa daytrip!

What’s Old, Can Be New Too

IMG_7717I was doing some Spring cleaning and found an old t-shirt that I used to love.  It had shrunk a lot and kind of grunged down so I was ready to toss it when all of the sudden an idea came to me.  Why not re-invent something I already have?  I started snipping and studding and ended up with an awesome new tank top that is now my new favorite!  It was super easy and I did it in less than 15 minutes.  Here’s how.

IMG_7698(This was the original)

IMG_7699(First chop was the new, low neck line)

IMG_7700(I chopped in a rounded “V” to avoid making too low of a cut top)

IMG_7704(Next to chop was the sleeves.  I followed close to the sleeve line in front to make sure there’s no unintentional side boob going on.)

IMG_7707(The back I cut much deeper towards the middle to make more of a racer-back tank.  I also chopped off the back of the neck hem.)

IMG_7709(I bought some studs from the local craft store and started placing them on the tank)

IMG_7711(I used jewelry pliers to begin to press the backs of the studs because they are sharp.  However, you can do this with your fingers as well)

IMG_7712(I positioned them before fastening to make sure they were even.  You can put as many or little as you’d like)

IMG_7713(Push the studs through the material and then bend the backs to fasten the studs on)

IMG_7721(Then try the tank on and make any cutting adjustments from here.  It’s best to start modest and then cut as necessary)

IMG_7718Ta da!  New, old shirt has officially transformed!