Napa Valley Weekend

This weekend Nick took me to Napa for a very relaxing getaway! We ate a ton of great food, drank delicious wines, and took in the sun- it was the perfect weekend!

napa(The weather was absolutely perfect, I could not have asked for anything better)Westin Napa

(We stayed at the Westin Napa, it was so pretty and the spa was amazing!)

Trefethen(We sampled a few wines from Trefethen Winery. They were so friendly and it felt like we were in a cellar)

Vineyard Napa(Trefethen vineyard property)

Bottega Restaurant(Lastly we had an amazing meal at Bottega. Everything was delicious and the interior was beautiful)

napa wine train(While we didn’t take the Wine Train, it looked very cute!)

We are so lucky to have such a gorgeous backyard! Just another reason I love living in Northern California! If you are ever in the area, you have to do a Napa daytrip!

5 thoughts on “Napa Valley Weekend

  1. Beautiful photos! I’d kill for a relaxing getaway right now after working SXSW events all Spring Break. I’ll just have to live through these (; Thanks for sharing!


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