Adventure Round Up – Moke Hill

IMG_7790My dad had the idea of an adventure he could take me and my step mom on this past Sunday.  We were all for it and hopped in the car with him.  They have a second property out in a very small town where they will retire some day.  It’s nestled in a handful of very small, quaint towns.  One of them is Mokelumne Hill, better known as Moke Hill.  My dad had seen an episode of Hotel Impossible that featured a remodel of the only hotel in the town so he wanted to go see it and have lunch there.  I’d have to say it was one of the best burgers I have EVER had!  After lunch, we grabbed some ice cream and ventured the small street while I snapped some photos.  If you’re looking for a fun drive/day trip, this is the place.


IMG_7776(Hotel Leger)

photo(Enjoying lunch on the deck!)







IMG_7808(Classic small down for motorcycle rides and ice cream)

IMG_7846(Then we headed down to Moke River which is beautiful)


IMG_7841(My step mom and I enjoying the beautiful river)

IMG_7847(I can’t explain how beautiful I think Spring is)

IMG_7848(The beautiful back roads)

This day trip made for a great drive and time spent together.  Mokelumne Hill is a small hidden gem tucked away in the foothills.  Check it out if you are ever nearby!

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7 thoughts on “Adventure Round Up – Moke Hill

  1. Every time you do this I get so home sick for Ca. I know Mokolumne HIll, as it was one of the destinations of our “6 pack” rides when I was much younger (Lodi was my home town)
    Great photos……thanks for sharing

  2. Brittany, what a fabulous and sweet photo of you and your father. My wife and I said Awwww!! Such a beautiful location too, great photos. That crick makes me want to jump in! Great website. 🙂

  3. Brittany, very neat post, I am a big fan of the green in the hills during late winter and early spring. They just have an energy in their color that makes me feel excited. Maybe that is why most of my cars are green!

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