Turn It Up.

IMG_7657This is Emily.  She is one of the most bad a$# friends that we have.  Her and her husband, Matt, are kind enough to take me out on their snowmobiles whenever I go visit them in Tahoe which is AMAZING.  I can’t explain how much fun I have with them and even shooting photos of them on their machines because they are both incredibly talented.  After the last big snow, we headed out to Jackson Meadows for an all day play date.  I had one of the most fun days I’ve had all winter.  I could barely walk the next day I was so sore but it was all worth it.

IMG_7616(Matt swimming in snow)

IMG_7662(Emily and Tom making turns)

IMG_7648(Matt climbing so high)

IMG_7630(It’s beyond gorgeous out where there are no cars and just pure mountain.  Sometimes there is no other place I’d rather be)


IMG_7659(I’ll follow Em and Matt anywhere on these toys)

IMG_7634(Matt coming down)

IMG_7651(Could she be any more amazing??  She rips her sled around.)

They were trying to teach me how to make these deep turns all day and I was having so much fun trying.  It’s not as easy as they make it look, it takes a lot of upper body strength.  We kept coming across meadows and meadows of untouched snow for miles.  It was heaven.  It was like running through a forest and finding hidden gems at every turn.  The little kid was brought out in all of us and we soaked it all in.  Days like these are priceless and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  With Spring upon us, the snow will begin to melt and it will be time for us to shift into summer mode.  The seasons have a way of moving along memories into different forms.  I hold them all close.

We hope you had a great Easter!

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4 thoughts on “Turn It Up.

  1. I think most people do not realize how much exercise running power sport machines allow you to put in. When I take the YFZ450 to Oceano Dunes, it is a full body workout. You captured awesome action/scenery pictures.

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