Coachella Wants and Wishes

Coachella 2012With the massive music lovers festival right around the corner (literally), I’ve began to pack.  Packing is so much fun for Coachella because despite my experience with the extremely cold weather last year (we deemed it Snowchella), it’s typically the first taste of real summer.  Our whole group of friends rallies together to camp out away from the festival on an amazing piece of property where there are horses, a pool, and endless good times.  During my packing process, I’ve come across many items that are totally justifiable to buy and bring and also many that are a more of a want (the things you want to buy but can’t justify when you know Coachella may be the only place you get to rock the piece).

BP Sunglasses(WANT: BP sunglasses are my jam!  They are always under $15 and adorable.  Not to mention you don’t feel bad if they get lost or broken)

white scalloped swim suit(WISH:  These amazing scalloped swimsuits designed by Stone Cold Fox are definitely on my wish list)

cheetah print vans(WANT: These cheetah print vans are wild and cute)

Spell Byron Bay Skirt(WISH: Beautiful maxi skirts/dresses to wear to stay cool and enjoy the festival.  This one is by Spell Designs)

Anyone else going to Coachella this year?!  What musicians are you looking forward to seeing?

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4 thoughts on “Coachella Wants and Wishes

  1. I go to Lollapalooza each year and the crowds are def more hipster ish. But often many of the acts are same. I know New Order is playing both. Not sure how they are in their older age, but they were game changers. I think Jurassic 5 is playing Coachella which would be awesome to see. Enjoy!!

    • Lollapalooza always looks like a great festival, as well! I can’t wait for Jurassic 5! We LOVE music so we are constantly going to shows. I’ve seen a lot of the bands playing but I love coachella for checking out a lot of artists I’ve never heard of and checking out indie/rap artists. I’ll let ya know how they are!

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