I Don’t Care, I Love It.

There are some things in life that give me a great chuckle when they certainly shouldn’t. But at what point do you stop and say “I don’t care, I love it.” Icona Pop was really on to something when they created their top-40-massive-spin-incredibly-catchy hit called I have no idea what but probably “I don’t care, I love it” or something like that. Here are a few things that make me laugh no matter how many times I see or hear them.

You Bought a Ferret.

Ferret Poodle

(I am sorry if you were the poor sap who bought a ferret thinking it was a poodle, but you sure did make my day)

Stanley Shoves It.

(Stanley from The Office always cracks me up with this line. I don’t care, I love it)

Twilight Parties.

Twi Drinks

(Just because the movies are over doesn’t mean you stop inviting your friends over for a movie night. If they aren’t into that, there is always Vampire Diaries…waaaaaay different)

The Package Tour.

The-Package-Tour-900-600(Enough Said)

Ghiradelli Ice Cream Sundaes.

ghiradelli(I don’t care, I f@#*ing love ’em)

Everyone has a “guilty pleasure” or sick joke that will always make them happy. We just have a lot more than usual.

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