Scalloped Edges

You ever get to the point where you have more clothes in your closet than you could wear in a month? Well, I’m there now and I some of my things are too ratty to even donate so Britt came up with an idea to save a pair of jeans. It’s really easy, just cut the ends into a scallop shape and turn them into a cuter version of “jorts”.

Jean DIY

(Lay the jean flat and start cutting at the edge)

Jean DIY(Create the scallop shape cut)

Jean DIY(Apply fabric glue to the ends to avoid tearing)

Scalloped Edge Jeans

(I made mine hit just above my knees)

Scalloped Edge Jeans

(It really adds a little something to your Summer look)

I am a big fan of simple DIY projects, they make me excited to make something old look new again!

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