Commercial Stars

About a month or so ago Brittany and I dedicated our Saturday to helping a local brewery film a commercial that would air in the Bay Area. What we are sharing with you is a rough cut but we wanted to show you anyway! It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience- filming is tough work and takes a long time! It’s hard being  a star 😉 We had great fun working with the director, Bryan and his team and thanks to Schurbros Brewery for having us.

IFL Behind the Scenes 1(The beer taps are attached to a stainless steel panel)

IFL Behind the Scenes(Britt is always helping me get it together)

IFL Britt(A regular tap girl!)

IFL Chelsea(I look confused, not sure if this is how you do it!)

IFL Britt Chels(We always enjoy a good brew!)

And now for the rough cut of the commercial- turn it up, the sound is a little funky. Essentially, I am supposed to be an ad exec pitching a terrible idea to the brewery. But the guys like Brittany her dance skills way better, so they invite me to dance and that’s really it. A big dance party at Schubros Brewery. So, if you are thirsty and looking to taste some delicious brew and possibly get your dance on, do it at Schubros! 🙂

It’s A Grand Opening!

This past month I was lucky enough to be a part of the grand opening of the new Microsoft store in downtown San Francisco. While this might not sound like a big deal, they really know how to open a store. Everyone who walked through the doors that day got a pair of Blake Shelton tickets and the opening itself was really amazing. A huge curtain dropped to reveal at the inside which is decorated by screens and pictures of the city- it’s very beautiful and interactive! Here are some pictures from that day.

Microsoft Grand Opening 150(Steph and I could not contain our excitement)

Microsoft Grand Opening 217(All I wanted to do was be part of the group)

Microsoft Grand Opening 218(Yeah! They let me in their club!)

Microsoft Grand Opening 158(Everyone got  a sweet purple Microsoft tee!)

Microsoft Grand Opening 256(The turnout was amazing!)

If you haven’t checked out some of their new gadgets, you should! They are pretty sleek and easy to use which is something I was really impressed with. Check to see if they are opening a store near you because you definitely want to be a part of it. They give out free concert tickets, score!

Venice Update!

IMG_9565I’d been to Venice once before while I was studying in London a few years back.  I never thought I’d have the chance to set my eyes on these beautiful canals again but with a big open plan, it made it’s way back onto my travel map.  With limited internet access, I haven’t been able to post much but boy oh boy do I have so much to share and tell you once I get some time and a solid connection.  For now, I’ve been wandering the streets aimlessly with camera in hand.  Sometimes you can’t even capture what you are seeing.  It’s so strange that you spend the majority of your life getting to know one place when there are so many others out there bustling with life every single day.  Here are a few photos of what Venice has been like recently.

IMG_9516(Museums and more museums, they are such precious pieces of history)


IMG_9556(Stopped by the Guggenheim house)

IMG_9452(It flooded!  It’s never been more fun)

IMG_9496(So much fashion it’s surreal.  I took this photo with my friend, Mary, in mind.  She LOVES shoes!)

IMG_9584(After the rain, came the sun)

 I saw all weather while in Venice which made it feel like a different city every time.  I was always looking at new things.  It’s such an amazing place.  You don’t need more than a few days in Venice but if you ever get the chance to see it, wander around to see what you can find.

Ciao for now!


Travel Thursdays – Venice, Italy



Pictures from Venice coming soon!  We have both been traveling with limited access to the internet but here is a sneak peak of some photos I’ve snapped.   Also, have you checked out the new app A Beautiful Mess??  My good friend, Emily, told me I would really like it and that was an understatement.  It’s such a cute and fun new photo app you can download.  I made the above photo from it 🙂




Sunshine Maxi


May in the bay brings sun rays and we make every attempt to soak them up!


(a strapless maxi helps minimize tan lines)


(Make sure to protect your eyes with sunnies and your skin with sunscreen)


(Reading can be exhausting so make some time to yourself to relax)


We are enjoying getting the chance to wear skirts and dresses as much as we can. It’s a nice luxury for us especially when San Francisco is always so cold. We are taking advantage of every second!

What’s Mine Is Yours

Don’t you love it when your friend doesn’t want a cute dress anymore and it becomes yours? Well, Brittany scored this awesome sundress because her friend didn’t need it. Lucky girl!


(It’s simple cut makes it perfect for weekends)

Coachella-Dress-Back(Cut-outs are really trendy right now, this one is understated which we like)

Coachella-Dress-Close-Up(The navajo print is our favorite part of this dress)

Coachella-Wedges(Finishing this look with black wedges couldn’t be easier)

Coachella-Dress-2Next time you are cleaning out your closet, think about if one of your friends might put something to good use. And if they can’t maybe we can!

California Dreamin’

On a beautiful afternoon in the Bay Area, the best thing to do is eat berries, read a magazine, and lay out on the lawn. Why not do it in style?

F21 dress

(Maxi dresses are the easiest things to wear when the sun is out!)

IMG_8828(Make sure you have your Gucci sunnies on and lots of jewels, we’re in California after all!)

Nylon Magazine

(Brittany and I both love Nylon magazine, it’s got a lot of fashion tips we would never think of)

IMG_8833(The best naps are under the sun)


The weather has been really warm lately and we are definitely trying to soak it up because it will be Winter before you know it!

H&M Summer.

IMG_8967While stocking up on some staples for my European excursion, I hit up H&M for some good staples.  I found a few crucial pieces to bring on my trip that will be good for the warmer days cruising the city streets or biking the country roads.

IMG_8973(H&M gold plated blouse)

IMG_8963(H&M black shorts)

IMG_8970(Betsy Johnson clutch of Chelsea’s)

IMG_8972(I love the colorful bubbles!)

IMG_8975(H&M studded slip ons)IMG_8960I’m more than ready to go!  Everything is so affordable that you won’t feel bad if they get ruined while exploring city streets.  The memories are more important than the clothes but it doesn’t hurt if you feel good, too 🙂