Post Coachella Style.

Coachella-1Coachella was amazing this year and I even scored some awesome stuff like this BCBG top that I love!  I’m normally not the type to rock a crop top but BCBG made this one to fit all body types.  Not to mention, I love it in this mint green color.  They also gave me this amazing bracelet which you will see closer up further in the post.  I had the best time “glamping” (glamour+camping in our RV :)) with my friends at Vestal Village.  It’s one of the most amazing places in the world to be.


Coachella-4(Forever21 double breasted shorts)

Coachella-6(BCBG custom bracelet!  My favorite)

Coachella-3(Heart sunnies)


You don’t always have to be at a music festival to rock your music festival fashion come-ups!  Some of my new favorite pieces were from BCBG this year.  I’ll be going to a music festival in the Netherlands in a few weeks and I can’t wait to see the fashion over there.  I’ll keep the blog updated with what I find 🙂

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