What’s Mine Is Yours

Don’t you love it when your friend doesn’t want a cute dress anymore and it becomes yours? Well, Brittany scored this awesome sundress because her friend didn’t need it. Lucky girl!


(It’s simple cut makes it perfect for weekends)

Coachella-Dress-Back(Cut-outs are really trendy right now, this one is understated which we like)

Coachella-Dress-Close-Up(The navajo print is our favorite part of this dress)

Coachella-Wedges(Finishing this look with black wedges couldn’t be easier)

Coachella-Dress-2Next time you are cleaning out your closet, think about if one of your friends might put something to good use. And if they can’t maybe we can!

4 thoughts on “What’s Mine Is Yours

  1. Cut outs are huuuuge right now, I couldn’t agree more with a nice, understated one. Well done – I love the look. Thanks for sharing!


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