Commercial Stars

About a month or so ago Brittany and I dedicated our Saturday to helping a local brewery film a commercial that would air in the Bay Area. What we are sharing with you is a rough cut but we wanted to show you anyway! It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience- filming is tough work and takes a long time! It’s hard being  a star 😉 We had great fun working with the director, Bryan and his team and thanks to Schurbros Brewery for having us.

IFL Behind the Scenes 1(The beer taps are attached to a stainless steel panel)

IFL Behind the Scenes(Britt is always helping me get it together)

IFL Britt(A regular tap girl!)

IFL Chelsea(I look confused, not sure if this is how you do it!)

IFL Britt Chels(We always enjoy a good brew!)

And now for the rough cut of the commercial- turn it up, the sound is a little funky. Essentially, I am supposed to be an ad exec pitching a terrible idea to the brewery. But the guys like Brittany her dance skills way better, so they invite me to dance and that’s really it. A big dance party at Schubros Brewery. So, if you are thirsty and looking to taste some delicious brew and possibly get your dance on, do it at Schubros! 🙂

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