A Color for All Moods.

As I added a new color to my ever growing nail polish collection, I realized that I always choose my color based on how I am feeling. I paint my nails at least twice a week, it’s become a sickness. I love switching it up and finding colors that look good on my skin. Here’s a look at the colors I use regularly (36 to be exact).

Classic Red Nail Polish(You can’t go wrong with a red or pink, so if I am feeling classic these are my go-tos)

Black and Blue Nail Polish(Usually in winter, my go to color is super dark. I used to only wear dark polish in school, it looks best on my pale skin)

Mint colored nail polish(Lately I have been trying mint and green colors, I love the way it looks with my clothing)

Sparkly nail polish(Sparkly nail polish is hard to pull off so I try to use it as an accent with a basic color)

Dark nail polish(These colors look good all year round. I absolutely love the vampy color)

romantic nail colors(When I just can’t choose, you can’t go wrong with subtle nudes or coral. They look great on all skin colors)

As you can see, I am not partial to any one brand of nail polish. If the color is nice, I buy it. You can actually get some pretty decent nail lacquers for $2.80 at Forever 21. You don’t need to break the bank on this accessory which is probably why I switch my colors out so often. I just love them all!

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