My my me, Cala Pi.

Cala PiWhat can I say?  We found beaches in a hopeless place.  Well OK, Mallorca is FAR from a hopeless place but as Shannon and I were winding down these beautiful and effortless roads on top of these canyons, we had no idea what would unravel beneath us.  We’d see a small sign every 30 km or so indicating we were still on the right path and then eventually a sign would show us that we needed to head towards the water for our final destination.  We rented one scooter to get around on and the local man at the shop told us all the amazing beaches that we could reach with this scooter.  Cala Pi was the furthest away but we still decided we needed to see it.  While traveling, I relied heavily on old school maps and my somewhat keen sense of direction.

imageThis was our goal to get to Cala Pi.  We weren’t actually staying in Palma (a bit further) but we knew our way around Palma which is the city center so we used that as our “north star” for guidance.  The hardest part is finding all of the back roads to take so we don’t have to take the autobahn which we accidentally got on once and it was terrifying yet humorous.  The back roads are incredible though for the views because they wind you all along the coast.  It was picture perfect.

IMG_3068(Driving up is quite picturesque, blue seas for miles)

Cala Pi Shannon(Our first glance at the entrance to the port, here’s Shannon)

Heaven Cala Pi(This exists…)

Cala Pi from above

Cala Pi Beach(The beach conveniently with umbrellas for shade)

Our Scooter(They just hand these things off to you, no instruction which was fine for us but beware if you have never driven a scooter.)

Perfect Cala Pi(Heaven)

Shannon Cala Pi(Shannon enjoying the water)

Cala Pi Mallorca

Brit at Cala Pi
Cala Pi Coast(The coast!)

Cala Pi Coast 2(Interesting houses)

This day was absolutely beautiful and worth hiring a car or scooter to get to in the highly likely chance you will choose to stay in the city center, Palma.  It’s cheap and easy to rent a vehicle of some kind and enjoy the hidden gems.  This is a definitely must see beach cove on the island of Mallorca.  I rate this beach #2 of all that I have seen so far.  Soon to come is #1 on this same island….

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