Summer Fiesta.

imageOne thing I was very excited to come back to was making my own meals (weird, I know).  I loved trying all the different foods when I was gone but every once and a while I would crave one of my own weird creations.  This one is a new zesty mix I came up with but find it so refreshing I wanted to share.  It’s easy and healthy!

What you need:
This may be the easiest thing to make but who cares, it’s delicious!

1. Cook the burger patty
2. Take one tortilla and spread the avocado evenly across it
3. Then add a few scoops of the Pico de Gallo on top of that
4.  Place the burger on top of the Pico de Gallo
5.  Add a few mushrooms on top of the patty before completing the sandwich with another tortilla

You can really add or subtract whatever ingredients you’d like here.  It’s very simple and I must say I’m addicted.  I feel like a kid again with a lunchable only this is much tastier and I’m actually ingesting some veggies in the meantime.


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