Wedding Wear: Part 2

IMG_3313Doesn’t it seem like the season where you are going to wedding’s practically every other weekend?  I absolutely love weddings but the hardest part is knowing what to wear so you can be comfortable, classy, and cute.  I went for a longer sleeve and shorter hem with a chevron pattern.  This way you can mix and match with your friends and each give different options to wear.

IMG_3316(I also matched this adorable small yellow purse with the dark blue)

IMG_3317(Recognize the earrings?  Chelsea and I showed how you can use them with two different looks)

Weddings can be so much fun, especially when you dress comfortable enough to be able to eat, drink, and dance the night away!


Wedding Wear Part One.

It’s Summer and that always means one thing, weddings. Brittany recently got some great dresses from Charlotte Russe and thought they would be great to wear at some upcoming weddings. I couldn’t agree more!


(Dress from Charlotte Russe)


(Blue and tan are great wedding colors, pretty much color but white and black)

Wedding3(The zipper details is one of my favorite parts of the dress)


Wedding5(A bold nail color adds to the Summer feel)

Wedding6(Open toed shoes are a must at warm weddings)

Wedding7(We opted for no necklace, instead a geometric earring)

We love dressing up for any occasion but weddings are the most fun, just make sure you put something on that you can dance in!

Triangles Are My Favorite Shape.

IMG_3349Well triangles and all sorts of other geometric shapes.  After spending some time in Berlin, I realized how much I am drawn to shape patterns and of all kinds of colors.  I found this store in Berlin, thanks to a new friend I met on my train ride from Switzerland, who told me about it.  The store is called “& Other Stories” and it’s simply amazing.  They don’t have them in America yet but hopefully that will change soon 🙂

IMG_3355(These ballet flats from & Other Stories have become my staple go-to shoes)

IMG_3356(Geometric square ring and blue polish)



IMG_3352Get the European style by checking out & Other Stories and finding some of the cutest geometric shapes out there!


Fluffy Fridays!

imageWe decided we wanted to add some cuteness to your Fridays.  We decided to start Fluffy Fridays to give you that sweet little make you smile to end your week.  Check out our first edition with Genny!  Geneveive is my parents adorable Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.  I just adore her!  She’s only a little over 3 months old and over 30 lbs!  I’m sure she will make a few appearances here 🙂


image(Honestly?!  Too cute!)

image(I’m teaching her how to be a lap dog so when she’s close to 100lbs she will just climb on up :D)

imageShe is still a puppy and teething but I just LOVE her!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


Neon Indian Summer.

There’s something about the warmer weather that makes us want to dress in brighter colors.  We have a fun time mixing neons in order to make a bright outfit come together. Here is a little color blocking to inspire you today!

Neon Indian

(Taking to bold solid colors and pairing them is a simple solution for a fun outfit)

Neon Indian

Chelsea4(The bow detail on this shirt is super cute. Forever 21)

Neon IndianChelsea5

We are enjoying the Summer and putting together fun outfits especially with neon colors. All clothing from Forever 21.

Into the Blue.

IMG_3179My mom gave me this maxi (from Nordstrom’s BP) for my birthday and I just love it.  It’s the right amount of sheer, the right length, and best of all the right shades of blue.  It reminds me that summer is here and makes it easy to dress up in a pinch for any occasion.  I paired it with some simple silver Steve Madden jeweled sandals and a wrap bracelet but you can really get away with a lot.


IMG_3202(My favorite part of the dress!  The lower half is simple and sheer)



Hope you all are spending some time outside this summer, the daylight hours are too good to waste 🙂

Golden Gate Park Walks


One of my very favorite things about living in San Francisco is that Golden Gate Park is literally in my backyard. When the weather is nice, I always make a point to take a stroll and enjoy the rare sunshine!


(The Conservatory of Flowers)


(The sunlight illuminates the flowers)



(The DeYoung Museum is in the middle of the park, I love the staircase that leads to the top floor)


(In the late afternoon, the sun always peaks through the trees)20130721-100656.jpg

(I loved the way the shadows hit Britt’s face here)

It’s always so relaxing to take afternoon walks after a stressful day at work. No matter where you live, I encourage you to do so!

Madonna Inn.


Recently during my trip to San Luis Obispo I made a pit stop at the famous Madonna Inn. It’s tacky, lavish, pink, and AWESOME! It was like I stepped into Dolly Parton’s closet, I didn’t expect to see all of the glitz that I did!


(The entire building is covered in stone and everything is embellished, check out the front doors)


(Pink, pink, pink! The bar has the cutest swirly chairs)


(A giant floral arrangement stood from the center of the restaurant, where all things pink of coursed lived)20130721-094954.jpg

(The staircase was covered in bright floral carpet. LOVE)


(And of course nothing but pink roses)

It’s like a little piece of Vegas in the middle of San Luis Obispo! I am starting to learn more about the place and why it is the way it is, but I think it’s pretty cool!

Magical Holland.

IMG_2707Something I loved about Europe was how easily accessible public transit was.  I loved taking trains everywhere and just soaking in the views of lands I’d never seen before.  It’s funny because I take the BART train all the time in the bay area and somehow I can never appreciate it the way I do these magical European trains *sigh*.  Only time will tell when the next one we will be on will be.


IMG_2743(Maastricht, Holland)


IMG_2730OK, Holland you showed me what you were made of and now I want more.  Hopefully, we will meet again!