When the Fog Rolls in.

imageWhile in the small village of Rocca, Italy, there was such a beautiful canyon that let the fog seep through it from time to time.  It varies on a day to day basis but up in these lush green Italian hills, there’s a calm.  Rocca overlooks the Devil’s Bridge from a far ways up and sits quietly at the top of a mountain.  It’s the perfect place for some R&R.



IMG_9662(Watching the sun shine through)

IMG_9668(Enjoying some coffee with a view, a happy place for me)

IMG_9669(Slowly, the sun burns off the fog)


IMG_9679Another beautiful day to enjoy.

There are so many different ways to travel and enjoy your time off.  Choosing to stay in a small village is great for rest, relaxation, and views even when the fog rolls through.

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