Lost in Lucerne.


The one destination on my trip that I was beyond excited for was Switzerland.  Being such an outdoorsy person, I couldn’t wait to get to the Swiss Alps.  Not to mention on top of the millions of outdoorsy things to do, it’s the most picturesque place I’ve ever seen.  However, it was the first destination I was going to by myself.  I didn’t even plan to stop in Lucerne but hey, it happened and what the hell I was in Europe.  I knew it’d all work out.  I spent the night in Lucerne and enjoyed walking around.  It was extremely ritzy, Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s constantly flying by.  Those Swatch people must be rolling in the Swarovskis.

image(I saw a lot of Europe’s highlights, here is Europe’s oldest bridge – the Chapel Bridge)

IMG_0515(Lots of style, I knew Chels would love these)

IMG_0528(It was rainy while I was there but I still walked all around the waterfront)

IMG_0534(Other people didn’t seem to mind the rain either)





IMG_0576Of course, I love anything horse related.  There were these strong statues scattered along one piece of lake Lucerne.

Lucerne was good for a quick little stop.  I would recommend spending more time closer to Interlakin but maybe I’m just partial to where I stayed after Lucerne (in Meiringen).  It was quiet, beautiful, and right next to the train.  Nonetheless, Switzerland was everything I thought it’d be and more 🙂  I also went to the highest point in Europe (the Top of Europe) in Switzerland and looked out over the glacier.  Those pics are coming soon!

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