Beauty Treats.

For the last six months I have subscribed to a monthly service who has sent me monthly beauty samples in the mail. There are many different companies who do this but the only one I have used so far is Birchbox.


(Birchbox sends me monthly hair products, makeup samples, and perfume scents to try)

BIrchbox(This month’s samples)

BIrchbox(One of my favorite’s so far- Amika’s Dry Shampoo. It has an amazing scent and really does keep your hair from looking oily)

BIrchbox(Their packaging is truly adorable. Also, this Stila lipgloss goes on as a matte finish and wears for a full day!)

In case you are interested, Birchbox offers monthly boxes for men and women! Glossybox is at a higher price point but offers higher end samples, I want to try this service next! And finally, for nail polish lovers out there, you should check out Julep! It’s exciting to get a little something in the mail every now and then, especially with samples catered to you! Treat yourself 🙂

The San Francisco Treat.

imageSan Francisco, why you looking so good these days??  We’re not mad about it and we are especially excited that it’s Friday.  Everyone get outside and enjoy this Friday/weekend like it’s nobody’s business.


imageSan Francisco’s infamous fog has never looked so beautiful.


Have a great weekend!

We’re on a (House)Boat!

IMG_4343For the last weekend of summer, I hit the Lake (Oroville, since we all went to Chico together) with some close friends.  It was the perfect way to spend a few days in the middle of nowhere where we could swim, relax, and enjoy some downtime.  Although it rained one day, we did get pretty lucky with the weather.  We were able to swim daily and make “family” meals each day.

IMG_4130(Some of the girls hanging on the roof as we motored out)


IMG_4284(Of course, I’m a sucker for sunsets.  Especially ones like this)


IMG_4439(Rainy Saturday)

IMG_4342(Nighttime adventures)

image(Water slide all day)



The annual houseboat trip has come and gone but it was fantastic.  Now bring on Fall!

Do It Virtually.

One of my favorite sports of all time is bowling. I love it so much that when I was a senior in high school, I co-founded The Bowling Club. We had about 20 club members and bowled maybe 2 times together over the course of a year. Needless to say, it was a lot of work managing that kind of activity. We wrapped gifts for donation, sold Christmas Trees at the high school tree lot, and we may have even washed a car or two all to raise money in the name of bowling. But once we discovered Virtual Bowling at the Metreon arcade in downtown San Francisco, we never went to the bowling alley again. The Metreon didn’t smell like foot, we never had to wait for an open lane (since no one wanted to bowl virtually but us), and it was a legitimate workout- you’d work your arms so hard you couldn’t help but sweat. Recently, I went with some friends to the local Dave & Busters and I darted straight to the Virtual Bowling stand and introduced them to my favorite teenage pastime. What is virtual bowling, you ask? Let me show you!

Virtual Bowling(It’s a podium with a real bowling ball that you spin like an old video game controller)

Virtual Bowling(You maneuver your bowling ball across the streets of San Francisco or which ever level you choose)

Virtual Bowling(You try to knock down the pins at the end of the level)

Virtual Bowling(It’s fierce competition)

Virtual Bowling(It’s hard not to attract spectators)

Honestly, it’s so much fun. And now that we are older, we can’t make it through one full game, we need a serious break. It’s that hard. If you have a fun arcade nearby, check it out. I promise, you won’t leave smelling like a dirty shoe but with a lot of sweaty memories with your friends.

Champagne Merlot.

Fall is here and it’s time to dust off the deep red nail polishes! My friend Meris gave me this cool tool that makes little polka dots on your nails so I decided to mix a burgundy color and one of my favorite golds.

Champagne Merlot(The necessities: Polka Dot Stick, Glittery Gold Polish, and a Deep Merlot base)

Champagne Merlot(Step 1: Paint your nails with the burgundy base)

Champagne Merlot(Step 2: Drip a few drops of gold polish on a paper towel)

Champagne Merlot(Step 3: Carefully dip the polka dot tool into the gold polish and lightly press little dots onto your nail)

Champagne MerlotYour nails are did!


Let’s Go Stanford!

This weekend I went to my very first college football game and watched Stanford beat Arizona State University, it was pretty great!

Stanford(The day started out with a downpour of rain but brought out the eucalyptus oils the trees once the rained stopped. It turned into the most beautiful day)

Stanford(There was a great turnout, we ended up sitting in the Stanford section)


Stanford(We were right under the lights and under the clouds)

Stanford(39 to 14 in the fourth quarter)

I learned a lot about Stanford on Saturday. One, they have no official mascot but they do have a dancing Christmas tree. Two, the crowd comes equipped with Christmas ornaments which they jingle in order to create a stir and distract the other team, it seemed to have worked. Three, their stadium is beautiful and every seat is a good one!

The Cat’s Meow.

IMG_4102My co-worker Katie has it down when it comes to picking the perfect fierce feline shirt.  We’ve had quite the obsession with spotting this trend so when she picked up this number from Charlotte Russe, it was obvious it was a winner.

IMG_4110(Love these studded Forever21 ankle boots!)

IMG_4111(Target bracelets)

IMG_4107(Charlotte Russe adorably spotted sunnies)


IMG_4101It was the perfect pairing.  Get your lion/tiger/kitten/cheetah print on this season!

Oh Siena.

IMG_9752While we were parading around Italy last May, we went on a road trip to Siena for a day.  It was a beautiful drive and the skies were perfectly enchanting.  While we wandered around this walled city, we got carried away with the mesmorizing sights.  How can a place be this beautiful?!







I’d love to go back.  Funny side note: we pulled over to the side so I could drop a coin into this majestic wishing well.  My coin purse was from a long time ago and I’d brought it from home to Europe as it had a bunch of Euros still in it.  After waiting for the herds of children to part ways just enough for me to squeeze up to the well, I pulled out a coin as they all stared in amazement that I was actually going to drop a coin in.  I started to think maybe it wasn’t right to drop a coin in but to hell with it (When in Sinna, right?).  Bombs away, dropped my coin and walked off.  The kids all left and I went back to look in the well only to find I had dropped a Chuck-E-Cheese token, NOT a coin…. HAHA do dreams come true even on a Chuck-E-Cheese coin?!?  Happy Wednesday 🙂

All Things Pumpkin.

We’re so excited for Fall, we had to reblog a favorite!Pug Sweater

I think by now you have figured out that Autumn is our favorite season, not just because kids are back in school and have stopped razor scootering around us like we are in a game of Frogger but because we just F@#*ing love pumpkins.

Phoenix the Cat

(About two years ago I found out that Brittany liked cats so I decided to show her a picture of my friend’s cat, Phoenix, who was dressed up like a pumpkin. She proceeded to laugh and cry at the same time for the next 15 minutes. I don’t see what is so funny though)

Pumpkin Spice Latte(September through November means a significant weight gain for me because I dabble in the daily Pumpkin Spice Latte market. They are available at every coffee shop so it is kind of impossible to avoid. I tried taking different routes to work but I just ended up lost, late, and sitting in a pile of leaves sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte from a coffee shop I just discovered on my new route to work)

Pumpkins Muffins

(I can’t stress enough how important it is to eat at least one thing Pumpkin related each week in Fall. Not sure if you have done this yet but make some of our Pumpkin Muffins this weekend and fill that quota)

Smashing Pumpkins(I love this band and I love Billy Corgan. It’s not like I am obsessed, have a restraining order, and a tattoo of their logo on my butt…yet. Anyway they are on tour now and just released an amazing album called Oceania which is totally my new jam)

Pumpkin Beer(Blue Moon makes a good Pumpkin Ale that is completely seasonal. Drink with caution, you don’t want to end up as a pumpkin who has had one too many- it’s just not a good look)